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Wulai Suspension Bridge

Wulai Suspension Bridge

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Updates : 2022-12-05

Travel tips

  • Parking is easy as there is a multi-story parking tower nearby.
  • Enjoy a panoramic view of Nanshi River, outdoor hot springs, and the red arch bridge.
  • 6-min walk from Wulai Old Street.


Wulai Suspension Bridge is located next to Hsintien Bus Passenger Terminal. Spanning across Nanshi River, it is about 105 meters in length. The three-story-tall piers are decorated with traditional Atayal totems. The difference between this bridge and other suspension bridges is that visitors must walk up to the third floor to be able to enjoy the view of Wulai River Valley. With the red arch bridge in the north, and Nanshi River and Tonghou River converging in the south, as well as the unique sight of outdoor hot springs, you can enjoy the magnificent scenery of Nanshi River in full here.


During the Japanese Rule period, the Japanese built dams to supply water to the generators at Wulai Power Plant. Wulai Nanshi Suspension Bridge was therefore built at the downstream, but it is no longer here. Instead, Wulai Suspension Bridge was completed in December 2010, offering spectacular river valley scenery to visitors.

After visiting Wulai Suspension Bridge, you can walk for 6 minutes to Wulai Old Street. Besides shopping and tasting delicious food here, the light art on Lansheng Bridge is not to be missed! Built in 2019, Lansheng Bridge spans across Nanshi River and connects Wulai Old Street and Hot Spring Street. Every Friday, Saturday, and Sunday, hourly during 18:30-20:30, the dazzling light art turns the green bridge colorful. It is a great place to visit at night. In daytime, you can stand on the platform made of transparent glass floor on both sides of the bridge. At the height of nine meters, you can see the gurgling Nanshi River right below your feet, which is a marvelous sight.
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