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Jimmy's Public Art at Danhai Light Rail

Jimmy's Public Art at Danhai Light Rail

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Updates : 2021-09-24


The most eye-catching part of the Danhai Light Rail is the public art design by artist Jimmy; the installation art filled with children's fun resembles walking into the world of the picture book "Close the Eyes for a While" where the little girl in the story accompanies passengers to ride on the Danhai Light Rail, to encounter Jimmy at the various stations and the surroundings. All 11 stations of the Green Mountain Line has stereoscopic sculptures, where the cute large animals heal the passengers' hearts; each station is excellent for taking photos during the waiting hours! There is a 518cm wide and 200cm high gigantic glass painting at the last station - Kanding Station, where the cute girl lies among the flowers with a happy smile, accompanied by birds, squirrels and fish. There are more of Jimmy's works waiting for you to encounter!
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