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Zhilan Park

Zhilan Park

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Updates : 2023-04-07

Travel tips

  • There are many restaurants and dessert shops along the way, so you can taste delicious food while enjoying the sea view.
  • Connected with Qianshui Bay Seaside Park, Zhilan Park is great for a stroll on the beach.
  • You are recommended to enjoy the beautiful sunset here in late afternoon.
  • The viewing platform is a must-visit for the 360-degree sea view
  • The installation art with the image of wedding rings, suitable for couples to have a romantic date.


Zhilan Park Ocean Viewing Platform, known as "the most beautiful runway of North Coast," was completed in August 2021, now welcoming visitors with a brand-new look. You can walk along the aqua-blue wave corridor, as if you are walking into the ocean. A 360-degree view of the stunning seascape and sunset, coupled with the romantic installation art at the end of the platform, make this attraction a must-visit for couples on a date.

Zhilan Park

Zhilan Park Ocean Viewing Platform used to be a well-known tourist attraction in Sanzhi. It has been closed for many years as it was identified as a dangerous building caused by severe sea erosion. Today, the reconstructed viewing platform is a new building built on top of the original base. At the end of the 57-meter-long aqua-blue corridor, there is a giant shiny wedding ring, designed by a local artist from Sanzhi and the professional team from the municipal government. The ring installation art bears the meaning of relationship, the concept of concentric circles, and the shape of rings. With the color of the ocean as the main tone echoing the magnificent seascape, the fluid and dynamic shape adds to the beauty of the North Coast.
Zhilan Park

The reconstructed ocean viewing platform is connected to Zhilan Park Trail. Visitors can walk along the trail for about 5 minutes to Qianshui Bay Seaside Park, where they can enjoy the water in the hot summer. They can also sit and listen to the sound of waves in the cafe while enjoying afternoon tea in the beautiful North Coast sunset. All the romantic scenic spots on the North Coast can also be combined into one trip with your partner, as in "First encounter at the Love Boat in Bali, fall in love at Tamsui Lover’s Bridge, committed at Sanzhi Ocean Platform, and engaged at Shimen Happiness Bell.”
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