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Pingxi Historical Trail

Pingxi Historical Trail

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Updates : 2023-10-04

Travel tips

  • The trail along the stream is surrounded by mountains. The road is flat and easy to walk on, and is thus suitable for parents with children.
  • There are two places on the way that you have to wade across a stream. This is the best route for water play and hiking in the summer.
  • It’s about 1.5 kilometers long and It’s a one-way trail. You will need to turn around at the end of the trail.
  • It takes 2-3 hours to walk along the whole trail.
  • There is a viewing platform at the end of the trail. You can overlook the view of Guishan Island.


Pingxi Old Trail was used to transport timber a hundred years ago. It’s the middle section of the Tamsui-Kavalan Trail. With the tall and straight cedar trees and ferns on both sides of the trail to keep you company, you can walk along Ping River with joy, embrace the mountains and enjoy the quietness hard to find in busy city life. Most of the roads of this 1.5 km old trail are flat and wide. It is not only a good place for the whole family to take a hiking trip, but also a paradise for mountaineers because of the unique experience of walking along the stream.

A good place to cool off in summer
The whole way of Pingxi Old Trail is shaded by plants. There are two places on the way that you have to wade across a stream. The stream flows slowly and is very clear. The depth is only to your calf. It’s a very good place for water play in the summer. You may also observe the stream ecology. Sometimes you can even see some of the fishes, shrimps or crabs. If you would like to walk through the stream to finish the whole old trail, we recommend you bring a pair of river tracing shoes or rain boots so you won’t get wet.

You can overlook Guishan Island at the end of the trail or continue to walk to Shekong Trail that connects to it.

At the end of the Trail, there is a viewing platform that has a good view. If the weather is clear, you can overlook Guishan Island and see the beautiful view of the Pacific Ocean. If it’s cloudy, you may enjoy the beauty of mist in the mountains. If you have enough time, supply, water and food, you can continue to walk to Shekong Trail, a branch line of the Tamsui-Kavalan Trail, which connects to it at the end of the Trail and goes all the way to Toucheng Waiao, to finish the last mile of the middle section of the Kavalan Trails.

Services & Facilities

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Admission charge

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