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Shenao Fishing Port

Shenao Fishing Port

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Updates : 2022-12-23

Travel tips

  • Taste fresh seafood and delicious calamari rice noodles
  • Stroll on the trail to enjoy the seascape and scenery of Jiufen mountain village
  • Take a boat out to sea to enjoy the scenery and sea fishing
  • An renowned town for leisure sea fishing and rock fishing in Taiwan
  • A visit to Elephant Trunk Rock and Shenao bikeway


Formerly known as “Fanzihao”, Shenao Fishing Port is located in Shenao Cap in Ruifang District. The Port has a vast hinterland and numerous rocky coast, turning it an ideal spot for rock fishing. The Port is also known for leisure sea fishing and has the most sea fishing boats in Taiwan. Whether you wish to go to the waters of Keelung Islet or Three Northern Islets (Huaping Island, Pengjia Island and Mianhua Island) that are known for abundant fisheries resources, you will be able to find highly experienced boatmen here at Shenao Fishing Port.

Shenao Fishing Port

The paradise of sea fishing
The unique terrain and location has turned Shenao Fishing Port into a paradise of rock fishing and sea fishing in Taiwan. The fisheries of this area are mainly calamari, squid and largehead hairtail. There are also a number of popular seafood restaurants by the Port, attracting gourmets to come here and relish freshly caught seafood. Visitors can also charter a boat to enjoy the fun and take the challenge of sea fishing; and to relish Elephant Trunk Rock, Bitoujiao Junjian Rock, Shuichinchiu and other famous landscapes and towns of the northeast coast from different angles. Even more, this place has also become known for SUP and other sea activities.
Shenao Fishing Port

Relish fishing lights on the sea-to-sky trail
There is a 310-m long trail next to Shanao Fishing Port. The trail has a viewing platform that allows visitors to have a 270° panoramic view of the sea, to overlook the landscape of Jiufen mountain village and to take photos together with the cute and lively installation art of calamari. The sea-to-sky panoramic view has turned it into a secret attraction site of Shanao. In the evening, this trail then turns into a beautiful light sculpture. Its colors form a wave of light that echoes with the fishing light and the golden mountain village; and the starry sky that appears as the night becomes darker also turns it a romantic spot, letting visitors to forget the hustle and bustle metropolitan life.
Shenao Fishing Port
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