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New Taipei City Surfing Education Center

New Taipei City Surfing Education Center

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Updates : 2021-12-18


As a joint effort of New Taipei City Government and the Central Government, this project connects the neighboring Zhongjiao Bay Surf/SUP Center, the surfing academy on Zhongjiao Elementary School’s campus, the semi-outdoor land surfing practice field, and Jinshan High School’s outdoor multi-functional practice field to create New Taipei City Surfing Education Center, the first surfing center in Taiwan with key features of education, extreme sports, local culture, and tourism. In addition to adding new elements of sports to local tourism, it is also a highlight of Route 2 Taiwan.

Among them, Zhongjiao Elementary School Surfing Academy is the top surfing demonstration school in New Taipei City, training young surfing professionals. Along with Jinshan High School, a three-level training system for elementary, junior high, and high school students has been established. The summer camps offered here are also very popular among local families and they are always sold out fast. Here, people of all ages can have access to surfing and SUP lessons on the water and on land, and enjoy water sports in a fun and safe way.


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