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Twin Candlestick Islets

Twin Candlestick Islets

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Updates : 2022-12-05


Twin Candlestick Islets are about 60 meters high, bearing the romantic tale of “husband and wife" rocks. They were originally part of Jinshan Cape. Movement of the plates formed horizontally and vertically intersecting joints in the rocks. With the continuous erosion of sea water and wind, the rocks became separated from the headland. This small islet was further eroded by waves, and over time, the sea cave in the islet was penetrated, forming a sea arch similar to the one in Shimen. Finally, the top of the sea arch collapsed, forming two pillar-shaped reefs. The bottoms of the pillars are connected but above water appear to be two islets. The shape resembles a candlestick holder, and therefore is named Two Candlestick Islets.

Standing at Zhongzheng Pavilion in Lion Head Mountain Seaside Park, you can see the viewing platform set up by Jinshan District Administration in 1984 and the stainless-steel round frame. A plate is inscribed with "Candlestick Shuangzhi (Twin Candlestick Islets)." This is the best place to take photos of the Twin Candlestick Islets and enjoy the sea view. Whether you are gazing afar or looking down below, the beautiful landscape of Jinshan’s coastal terrain is all within the panoramic view here.

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