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New Taipei City Travel

Mudan Old Street

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Updates : 2022-12-05


A declined former gold rush town due to industrial transfer, Mudan Station in Shuangxi, New Taipei City, is like a pearl in the mountains. It is not competitive, but unpretentious with its own charm. As a part of the local revitalization effort, Mudan Old Street Resident Workstation was recently launched. After hiking in the mountains, you can have a cup of Chinese yam milkshake or coffee here, and listen to locals telling stories.

When visiting Mudan, be sure to wait for the train on the platform. Mudan Station is one of the few stations with fan-shaped curves in the track. The classic 120-degree curve creates a peculiar view of the front and rear of the train facing each other. Looking down from a high point, you can get a panoramic view of this sight and enjoy the unique charm of this secluded town.­

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