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Caoli Fishing Port

Caoli Fishing Port

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Updates : 2022-11-15


Formerly known as Alilao, Caoli Fishing Port is located on Provincial Highway 2, about ten minutes away from the Temple of Eighteen Lords. The port was originally used for berthing small fishing boats and sampans. Currently, it has 0.39 hectares of berthing area and wharfs for boats. However, due to the shallow port area, the port is only used for daily operations of boats. In case of stormy waves, boats will go into the neighboring Fuji Fishing Port for shelter. Land facilities here include shelf yards, water supply stations, oil storage depots, and identification light poles.

Caoli Fishing Port in Shimen District has been transformed by optimizing the fishing area in the port, adding guardrails, installing life buoys, and adding night BBQ area for families. Due to the calm waves, diverse fish species can be found here, including rabbitfish, jack mackerels, spotted herrings, and puffer fish. It has been selected as the first fishing port for transformation. Café/rest stops for fishing enthusiasts will be set up here in the future.

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