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Huwei Cherry Blossom Boulevard

Huwei Cherry Blossom Boulevard

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Updates : 2022-06-24


Huwei Cherry Blossom Boulevard is located on the North Country Road 4 in Tamsui. Huwei is the old name of Tamsui. The Rotary Club of Huwei and Tamsui District Office initiated the planting of Yoshino cherry blossom and Taiwan cherry blossom, increasing the density of cherry blossoms on North Country Road 4 from Shulinkou to Sankongquan, forming a cherry blossom boulevard. With the opening of Danhai Light Rail, you can get off at Danjin Denggong Station and walk for about 100 meters, and you will find a 4km-long cherry blossom tunnel right in front of your eyes.

Cherry Blossom Boulevard is about 4 kilometers in length. It is not only the only one in Tamsui, but also the longest cherry blossom trail in the world. You can overlook Datun Mountain on the way. It is also a hiking trail that nearby residents frequent on weekdays. Around Chinese New Year, the cherry blossoms will be in full bloom and the road is paved with a pink carpet of cherry blossoms. On the trail, you can also find Taiwanese sweet gum and old banyan trees thriving here.
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