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Gongsitian River Bikeway

Gongsitian River Bikeway

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Updates : 2022-12-05


Gongsitian River is commonly known as Beitou River, named as it flows through Gongsitian (company fields; fields owned by the Dutch East India Company). In the past, it was also called Linzi River, and was also nicknamed the mother river of Tamsui. The surrounding area of Gongsitian River was formerly known as Dazhuang. Along the way, there are historic relics of past development. It can be said to be the earliest land reclaimed by the Han people in northern Taiwan, dating back to the Dutch occupation period.

The right bank of Gongsitian River is at the northernmost end of the Tamsui Golden Coast Cycling Route. It is the main way to the embankment of Danhai New Town where you can enjoy the sea view. The total length is about 1.2 kilometers. With the opening of the Danhai Light Rail Blue Ocean Line last year, visitors can cross the "Blue Ocean Bridge" from Sec. 3, Binhai Road or the left bank to go to the embankment for watching sunset. The Blue Ocean Bridge not only crosses the beautiful Gongsitian River but also faces the estuary to Taiwan Strait. Haiweizi Bicycle Path, which is located next to V10 Danhai New Town Station, is famous for great photo opportunities of the beautiful sunset and therefore named Guanhai (sea watching) Avenue. It is also a favorite spot for social media photos. You can take a relaxing walk on the beach, or enjoy the fun of cycling in the sea breeze here.
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