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Shuangwan (Twin-bay) Bikeway

Shuangwan (Twin-bay) Bikeway

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Updates : 2021-12-28


Shuangwan (Twin-bay) Bikeway is an 8km-long seaside boardwalk, stretching between Qianshui Bay and Baisha Bay. Visitors can go all the way from Sanzhi to Shimen; and along the way, enjoy various scenic spots on the north coast including Qianshui Bay beach, algae reef intertidal zone, ventifacts, temples, and Linshanbi. Ride a bike and enjoy the coastal scenery on this bikeway. The end point is Baisha Bay between Linshanbi Cape and Fugui Cape. A half moon-shaped white shell beach stretches for one kilometer here, with beautiful seaside scenery and suitable for visitors to relax here.

Linshanbi Recreation Area is a scenic spot not to be missed along the way. Here, you will find rich natural landscape. In addition to enjoying the coastal scenery, you can also observe the ecology of the shallows in the ocean. The movie "Secret” was partly shot here. In the film, the main male character rides a bicycle, taking the heroine through a beautiful trail - that is in fact, Linshanbi Bikeway. You can reminisce about the romance in the movie when passing through this section.

Services & Facilities

  • Bike Rest Stop
  • Hiking Trail
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