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Magang Fishing Port

Magang Fishing Port

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Updates : 2024-01-22


Magang Fishing Port is the easternmost fishing village in Taiwan. It is adjacent to the Northern Coastal Highway and is easily accessible. There are Lailai Rock Fishing Grounds and Magang Rock Fishing Grounds nearby. On the back hills, there is the Sandiaojiao Lighthouse, making Magang a well-positioned fishing port. Fishing boats from Magang Port mostly operate around Guishan Island and Sandiaowan fishing grounds, which make the activity offshore fishery where they travel back and forth on the same day. The main catche includes sea bream, bonito, squids, and lobsters. Half of the catch is sold locally, and the other half is shipped to Keelung for auctioning or processing.

Magang has a large sea erosion platform with beautiful curves in the texture. It is an excellent spot for watching the waves and locals fishing and harvesting seaweed in the sea breeze. On the way, stop by Taiwan’s easternmost cafe for a cup of coffee. Some on the Internet also call Magang Fishing Port the cat village because there are a lot of cats here that can be found on the plaza and embankments, around the corners, in the alleys, and on the roofs of old houses.


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