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Marine Resource Restoration Center

Marine Resource Restoration Center

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Updates : 2021-12-22


In addition to Hohaiyan Rock Festival, Fulong International Sand Sculpture Arts Festival, and tasty seafood, there’s a new attraction of educational significance in Gongliao where you can observe marine life up-close! Marine Resource Restoration Center provides guided tours to elementary and middle school students. It is hoped that through the rich environmental education resources, professional guides, and lively and interesting lectures, students can learn while being entertained. Taiwanese people must know the ocean, get close to the ocean, and then lead by example to protect the ocean by getting more educated about ecological conservation and sustainability.

Marine Resource Restoration Center restarted its guided tour service in 2017, allowing groups of more than 20 people and less than 45 people to visit by appointment. A set of display tanks and two touch pools have been added, allowing visitors to observe marine life up-close. It is a fun place to learn new knowledge. Professional guides will explain, for example, how to tell Taiwan abalones and abalones apart, how Taiwan abalones reproduce, and how to restore and discharge fish and abalones. A visit to the center takes about 80 minutes as a three-step process of film watching, display area tour, and interactive activity at the cultivation room. Visitors can learn about the accomplishments in marine resource conservation in New Taipei City, marine ecology, the distinction between the local abalone species, Gongliao abalone, and abalones from Mainland China, and the landscape surrounding Maoao Bay.
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