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Miner’s Dormitory

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Updates : 2022-08-11


During the period of Houtong’s prosperous mining industry, a large number of miner families migrated here. Miner’s dormitories were called "Liaozi." There are Neiliaozi, Sanzuoliao, Wuzuoliao, Fanziliao, and Meiyuancuo (the US Aid House) in Houtong, all of which used to be miners’ dormitories. In the early days, the partitions were made of wooden boards. A small hole in the wooden wall allowed lighting to be shared between two households. Kitchens, bathrooms, and toilets were shared as well.

Although the building seemed like a two-story building from the outside, there were in fact three floors. The small space behind each window was meant for one family to live in. Thousands of people lived in the miner’s dormitory together and performed daily activities such as the children studying, sleeping, and eating. Following the government's order to shut down the mines and factories one by one, a large number of people moved out of the area. Now, only the miner's dormitory is left here to tell the stories of the miners to future generations.
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