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Ruifang Railway Station

Ruifang Railway Station

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Updates : 2022-12-05


In May 1919 (the 8th Year of the Taisho era of Japan), the Badu-Ruifang section of Yilan Railway Line was opened to traffic, and Ruifang formally established its railway station. At present, the railway station is still an important transfer station for entering the Golden Mountain Town (Shuinandong, Jinguashi, Jiufen), seaside fishing villages (Ruibin, Nanya, Bitoujiao) and the Pingxi Line of the Heijin (black gold; coal mine) Railway. In 2013, the Shenao branch line resumed operation on Platform 3, and the old mining railway station was converted into a tourist railway station. Ruifang Railway Station has always been in the top 30 in operation of Taiwan Railways. It is a good example of rejuvenation through cultural and tourism development.

"Station Square" in front of Ruifang Railway Station is where performances are held during festival time (such as the Dragon Boat Festival and Mid-Autumn Festival). There is also a taxi stand next to the square that is easily accessible to visitors. 50-100 meters from Station Square, there is the Ruifang Food Court, at the address of No. 2, Lane 35, Minsheng Street, Ruifang District. There are many delicacies here, such as the famous longfengtui (deep fried fish paste and pork meatballs) and Lin’s Fuzhou hujiaobing (oven-baked pastry with pork filling). Don’t forget to walk over there to give them a try.

In addition, you can visit ruins of Ruifang Shrine and Ruifang Old Street at the back of Ruifang Railway Station. Here, you can see some famous ancient houses, such as the ruins of Liaocuo (Liaojianfang Trading Company) from Qing Dynasty, Lin Dentist Clinic, and Yifang Trading Company. Take Yuewang Road and through Ruibin Ancient Trail and you can reach Luziliao Mountain and Xiuqi Mountain. Hiking enthusiasts are recommended to check this out. Baoyun taro balls can also be found at the back of the station. Gourmet lovers should not miss it!
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