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Maoao Fishing Port

Maoao Fishing Port

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Updates : 2021-12-23


Maoao is a century-old fishing village on the Northeast Coast. As the Northlink Line does not pass through here and the Coastal Highway also bypasses the village, Maoao luckily preserved its traditional look and has become the most important cultural asset of the Northeast Coast. Maoao Fishing Port is located on the west side of Sandiaojiao, with Lailai Mountain on the right, Laolan Mountain on the left, and the rabbit-ear shaped peaks in the back. The village is surrounded by verdant mountains on three sides, making it isolated from the world.

Another feature of Maoao Fishing Port is the century-old stone houses. When Pingpu people came here in the early days, they used local rocks as building materials and built houses by stacking the rocks, making them push against each other. The exterior is wind- and rain-proof, keeping the inside warm in winter and cool in summer. In its heyday, there were more than 100 stone houses here. According to local culture and history researchers, the exquisiteness of stone house construction is a symbol of the owner's financial superiority. The "parallel construction" method gives flat and neat results but it requires rocks of similar length and thickness. These houses look neat and stylish, typically owned by by wealthy people. Houses built with the "random construction" method by arranging rocks of different sizes are typically owned by ordinary people. The most interesting method is by arranging rocks in the shape of the Chinese character of “Ren”, which is also a symbol of wealth.

There is an iconic two-story stone house at Maoao Fishing Port. Legend has it that the owner of the house caught a wealth of fish for three consecutive years and was able to raise funds to build this rare luxury stone house. However, there is no room on the second floor of the stone house, and it was mainly used for drying fish and storing food. Despite its current decayed state, you can still observe the simplistic luxury in the old days.
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