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Yuanshan Hiking Trail

Yuanshan Hiking Trail

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Updates : 2023-10-17

Travel tips

  • Enjoy the breathtaking lights of Sanxia-Yingge District at dusk
  • Visit the copper bell commemorating the restoration of Taiwan
  • Catch a glimpse of “snow” in May: A mountain covered with Tung blossoms
  • Visit the Yuanshan Color Wall and take memorable photos
  • Stroll along Sanxia Old Street and have a taste of the classic Bull Horn Croissants


Located to the West of Sanxia Old Street, Yuanshan is well known for its hilltop resembling a bird of prey in flight, which inspired its name. Yuanshan and Yingge Rock, located at the North of Dahan River, stand across from each other. When driving on National Freeway No. 3, the two mountains stand on each side, making people feel like they are passing the gateposts of New Taipei City. According to local folklore, the army of Zheng Chenggong (also known as Koxinga), was once attacked by two monstrous birds here. Zheng commanded his army to fight back using their special dragon cannons. The two birds were shot down and transformed into the Yingge Rock and Yuanshan we know today. Yuanshan, standing tall in the southern part of the flood plain of Dahan River, provides a marvelous view and is one of Sanxia’s most popular hiking destinations.

A peaceful hike to the Guangfu Memorial Bell surrounded by scenic beauty
On Yuanshan stands the Guangfu Memorial Bell from 1985, which was planned by the then town mayor, Chang Hsiu-feng, who called for the local people to build the bell in memorial of the 40th anniversary of Taiwan Restoration. As the biggest copper bell in the country at that time, this bell symbolizes human’s noble ideas of seeking peace, embodying the significance of the period. The Yuanshan Trail is not too difficult and suitable for all ages. Along the way, there are many small but also beautiful scenic spots, such as the Changchun Firefly Trail and the Yuanshan Color Wall. On each side of the mountain trail are Tung trees, making it a good place for hiking and exploring for secluded beauty.

Climb up and take in the midnight skyline; the later at night, the greater the beauty
Yuanshan is 291 meters above sea level. With pavilions to enjoy the flourishing greenery, it is the backyard garden for the residents of Sanxia to go rest and exercise. It also attracts numerous tourists on weekends, who come to Yuanshan at dusk to gaze down on the flood plain of Dahan River and admire the lights in Sanxia, Yingge, and Bade Districts. In addition, at night, National Freeway No. 3 shines like a sheet of stars on the ground; one will never get tired of this view. During a cloudless night, one can even witness the skyline of Taipei City from dozens of kilometers away. As the night comes on, the view only becomes more beautiful.

Services & Facilities

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  • Hiking Trail
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