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Zhanlongshan Archaeological Park

Zhanlongshan Archaeological Park

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Updates : 2023-07-14

Travel tips

  • Rediscover ancient artifacts in the Neolithic Yuanshan Archeological Site
  • Play AR puzzle games with your mobile phone
  • Get a taste of being an archeologist in shaded sandboxes
  • Watch children play on natural hillslides, children’s favorites
  • Cool down in the Summer-only Water Square


Zhanlongshan was named after the hill pierced by the Da’an Canal. In 1955, archeologists discovered the prehistoric cultural layers here. Then, during the construction of the MRT Blue Line and Tucheng Hospital, many artifacts were found in this area. Later, the place was turned into a designated municipal archaeological site, and combined with park facilities, became the lively Zhanlongshan Archeological Park.

A Neolithic Archaeological Site
Zhanlongshan Archaeological Site is located in the southwest corner of the Taipei Basin, at the junction of rivers and hills. It has a history of 2,300-2,800 years and falls under the category of Yuanshan culture of the Neolithic Age. The cultural artifacts of the Zhanlongshan Archaeological Site consist mainly of grinding stones and cord-marked pottery, which are preserved in the Archaeological Park. Using the cord-marked pottery as design elements, several explanatory panels have been erected in the open area of the park, leading visitors to travel a thousand years into the past.

Heaps of fun for parents and energetic kids
A sandbox play area is planned in Zhanlongshan Archaeological Park for simulating archaeological excavation; hidden inside are replicas of prehistoric pottery pieces and stone tools awaiting your excavation. There are also cleaning areas for you to have fun without worries. The hill slides area includes several terrazzo slides, climbing ropes, and climbing holds which are kids’ favorites. The fountain square on the side is a wonderful place to dabble in and escape from the heat during the summer. Get your phone and scan the QR code to enter the “Lost Dreams,” and start the AR puzzle game to explore the secrets of the archeological park!

Services & Facilities

  • Bus Station
  • Public Restroom
  • Parking Lot
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