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New Taipei City Travel

New Taipei Bridge

New Taipei Bridge

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Updates : 2023-01-09

Travel tips

  • Known as the highest bridge and landmark in New Taipei City, New Taipei Bridge forms a line together with Shin Kong Life Tower and Taipei 101.
  • Connects to Dahan Riverside Bikeway, Xindian Riverside Bikeway and Erchong Circular Cycling Path, totally three cycling routes.
  • The colorful and changing light at night has turned it into a private attraction for taking photos of the cityscape at night.
  • Overlooking the north direction from Huajiang Riverside Park, you will have a panoramic view of New Taipei Bridge and Yangming Mountain (also known as Yangmingshan).
  • A visit New Taipei Metropolitan Park and Chongxin Bridge Flea Market on the way.


As a part of New Taipei City Huanhe Expressway, the imposing New Taipei Bridge that spans over Erchong Floodway and Dahan River connects Sanchong District and Banqiao District. The bridge was commonly known as Erchong Floodway Cable-Stayed Bridge during the construction period; and was officially named Xinbei Bridge when it was officially launched in 2010, in the year when Taipei County was upgraded to New Taipei City. New Taipei Bridge is Taiwan’s eighth cable-stayed bridge and Asia’s longest symmetrical single-pylon cable-stayed bridge.

The skyline that connects Taipei Metropolitan Area (Greater Taipei Area)
The main tower of New Taipei Bridge is 135.75 m and the Bridge is 1,075 long, which is equivalent to the height of a 40-floor skyscraper. The Bridge’s main tower is designed in the shape of an inverted Y, which looks like the Chinese character of “north”afar; and, together with Shin Kong Life Tower and Taipei 101, the Bridge forms the skyline of Taipei Basin from the west to the east. By standing on the west side of New Taipei Bridge, you will see these three landmarks erectly standing in Taipei Basin at the same time. When the night falls, the colorful changing light turns the Bridge into a great spot for taking photos of the cityscape and vehicle track light at night.


Two rivers converged into Tamsui River
New Taipei Bridge is located at where Xindian River and Dahan River converge into Tamsui River. Together with the Erchong Floodway on the north side, New Taipei Bridge looks like an iron giant that stands erect in the heart of the water system of Taipei Basin from the air. New Taipei Bridge not only has a panoramic view of Taipei Metropolitan Area and Tatun Volcano Group, but also allows visitors to see the surging river and shoal below the bridge. New Taipei bridge is also designed with sidewalks and bikeways that connect to Dahan Riverside Bikeway, Xindian Riverside Bikeway and Erchong Circular Cycling Path, making it a great place for a leisure cycling tour.
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