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Taoyuan Valley

Taoyuan Valley

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Updates : 2023-01-09

Travel tips

  • The vast grassland at where the mountains and sea meet
  • An idyllic scenery with cattle roaming on the green grass
  • Autumn only: Blossom Miscanthus sways in the wind on the mountain
  • Overlook the Turtle Island on the Pacific Ocean
  • Connected to Caoling Historical Trail with a number of hiking routes


Taoyuan Valley has a vast green land that stretches to kilometers as if it will reach to the sky. On the narrow and densely populated land of Taiwan, this place is like an arcadia that holds itself aloof from the world. Formerly known as Kunniouzih Mountain (Kunniouzihshan), Taoyuan Valley was a place where the children put out to pasture and played. During the autumn and winter, Taoyuan valley has a beautiful idyllic scenery with blossom Miscanthus that sway in the mountain wind and sea wind.


The arcadia at the convergence of mountains and sea
Taoyuan valley literally refers to the source of peach blossoms of Wuling people and has the peace and tranquility out of the world. Together with few houses shrouded with a white smoke from the chimney and chickens and dog in the garden, this place is so beautiful that everyone coming here can forget the the hustle and bustle metropolitan life. Taoyuan Valley located at the boundary of New Taipei City and Yilan City and is considered as the tail ridge of Snow Mountain (also known as “Xueshan”) Range. When looking in the direction of New Taipei City, visitors will see a vast green land with layers of mountain in a distance; and, when looking in the direction of Yilan City, visitors will immerse in the beautiful and poetic mountain seascape of the Pacific Ocean and Turtle Island.

Ascend along the hiking trail to look far into the distance
There are three trails that lead to Taoyuan Valley: The shortest and friendly Neiliao Line that starts from the terraced fields of Gongliao; Daxi Line that is relatively steeper and starts from the coast of Yilan; and Caoling Line that is connected to Caoling Historical Trail. These three trails have different scenery along the route and, once you reach Taoyuan Valley, you will be stunned by the vast idyllic scenery and will forget the passing of time.

Services & Facilities

  • Hiking Trail
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