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Wugu Charlotte

Wugu Charlotte

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Updates : 2022-12-23

Travel tips

  • Let’s play peek-a-boo together in macaron-colored culvert pipes
  • Overlook the scenery of Guanyin Mountain (Guanyinshan) and Taipei metropolitan area
  • Let’s have an environmental education journey to have a glance on the AI recycling system
  • Honored with the National Sustainable Development Award
  • A visit to Shuidui Scenic Park and Wugu Shourang Hall


Wugu Charlotte is a 60-ha vast green land and this romantic name comes from New Taipei City Government’s inspiration of turning a trash mountain, which was full of illegal buildings and trash, into a beautiful secret scene based on its “Environmental Preparation Plan for Wugu Trash Mountain”. Wugu Charlotte is a new attraction for families and New Taipei City Government’s resource recycling education base that is responsible for processing recycled materials and promoting environmental education is also inside it.

Turning a trash mountain into a Charlotte (“green land”)
Wugu Trash Mountain had been a dark park in Wugu area for many years. With the interdepartmental collaboration and efforts, New Taipei City Government successfully assisted local industries in transformation; dismantled illegal buildings; and adopted the spirit of sustainability and urban aesthetics, successfully transformed the messy trash mountain into a popular environmental park. Wugu Charlotte is also designed with sidewalks and ecological pools and this is the reason that it received numerous awards, including “National Sustainable Development Award”, “Outstanding Group Award for Fighting Against Environmental Crimes” and the “Green City Award” of “Taiwan Healthy and Age-Friendly City Award”.

The lively macaron-colored landscaping
Conceptualized in “Peek-a-boo”, Wugu Charlotte has built an installation art themed on concrete pipes that allow adults and children to play in culvert pipes and discover art painting therein. Visitors can also climb along the colored steps to reach the peak of the park, allowing them to overlook Guanyin Mountain and Taipei metropolitan area and to look down the lively green grass below their feet.

Services & Facilities

  • Hiking Trail
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