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Public art on the entire line of Ankeng Light Rail

Public art on the entire line of Ankeng Light Rail

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Updates : 2023-10-31

Travel tips

  • Several public art pieces accompany you while you wait for the train.
  • Travel with the fireflies, and immerse in Ankeng’s abundant ecology.
  • Scan the QR code at Shisizhang Station to delve deeper into the stories of butterflies.
  • Take a photo with these adorable installation artworks is the sweetest memory during the light rail journey.
  • Enjoy the moving landscapes of the mountain village and river through the large panoramic windows


The gleaming golden-painted trains gracefully traverse between the left bank of Xindian River and the mountain village Ankeng. This is the second light rail system in Northern Taiwan: Ankeng Light Rail. The entire light rail system is situated within Ankeng area of Xindian and features 9 light rail stations that connect the metropolitan area with the tranquil mountain village. Passengers can transfer to the MRT Circular Line at Shisizhang Station. Through the large panoramic windows of the light rail train, passengers can enjoy the scenery of the mountain village, Yangguang (Sunshine) Bridge over Xindian River, Anxing Bridge, Taipei 101 and other landmarks along the route. The Department of Rapid Transit Systems, New Taipei City Government, also gathers the creations of various artists to set up innovative public art at each light rail station, enabling passengers to immerse themselves in a diverse artistic atmosphere while waiting for the train.

Public art creations that presents the vitality of Ankeng
The public art creations inside Ankeng Light Rail stations show the regional and cultural connotations of Ankeng. This includes “Stellar Universe Ankeng” at Rose China Town Station;  “Manbo Ankeng” and “Floating Ankeng” at Xinhe Elementary School Station; and “The Fireflies’ Way Home”, “Stellar Universe Ankeng” and “Soaring Ankeng” at Shisizhang Station. Artists have employed various materials and techniques to build an imaginative train waiting space for Ankeng Light Rail to deliver an amazing visual experience.


Ride on the gleaming golden-painted train and “Travel with the Fireflies”
The characters in the picture book created for Ankeng Light Rail “Travel with the Fireflies” are turned into the cutest installation artworks placed between Shuangcheng Station and Jinwen University of Science and Technology Station, such as “Warmth During the Journey - Enchanted Forest”, “Friends During the Journey - Hand in Hand Dancing”, “Peace of Mind During the Journey - Guardian Spirit”, “Charm During the Journey - Sharing Fragrance”, and “A Pause During the Journey - Happy Moments”, where the travelers are accompanied and guarded by the fireflies, the family of frogs, Swinhoe’s pheasants, and giant katydids on each of their journeys.

Services & Facilities

  • Public Restroom
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