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Bitan Suspension Bridge

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Updates : 2023-10-31


Situated in the midstream of the Xindian River, the Bitan Suspension Bridge was built in 1937. Featuring a double-tower, double-hinge, and single-span design, this bridge has a length of 186.6 m, a width of 3.5 m, and stands at an elevation of 30 m. Known as a popular tourist attraction in Xindian District, it can accommodate around 1,000 people. Bitan was named after its crystal-clear green water. In the early days, traveling between the two banks of Bitan primarily relied on human-powered ferries. Upon the completion of the Bitan Suspension Bridge, it not only became an essential bridge connecting Zhonghe and Xindian but also stood out for its elegant and distinctive design. Several decades later, it has become an indicative scenic spot in the Bitan Scenic Area and a landmark of Xindian District. The three bridges of Bitan.

The Bitan Suspension Bridge launched in 1937 is an iconic landmark in Xindian as this 200-m long suspension bridge carries many people’s cherished memories. Since the cables of the suspension bridge cannot withstand the erosion of time, the cement structured Bitan Bridge was constructed downstream in 1956. Later in 1997, when National Freeway No. 2 was opened to traffic, a grand arch bridge was also built. This has left Bitan with three bridges from different eras, creating a distinctive landscape. Known as “Taiwan’s first projection mapping suspension bridge that moves with the rhythm of music”, this bridge is installed with 17,472 LED lights. The splendid lights reflected in the riverside have added to the infinite charm of Bitan’s moonlit ambiance. Bitan gets more beautiful at night! At night, the Bitan Suspension Bridge is adorned with colorful lights, resembling a rainbow stretching across the river. For the love ones who visit Bitan, it is also a top choice for them to hold hands and enjoy the beautiful scenery.

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