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Indian DIY Leathercraft

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Updates : 2023-12-22


Taiwan was formerly thriving in the pigskin leather industry and served as a significant global supplier. In pursuit of market segmentation and to meet business demands, the Company established a subsidiary dedicated to the pigskin leather industry in 1989. This subsidiary emerged as the most professional pig suede supplier in Taiwan at the time. With an offering of 500,000 feet of raw materials available in over 70 colors to fulfill the requirements of the shoe, clothing, belt, and accessory manufacturing industries, the company made a great breakthrough at that time.

Nevertheless, due to environmental concerns and the relocation of most pigskin leather-related industries, Taiwan’s pigskin leather industry gradually faded. With the increasing awareness of eco-friendliness, the Company shifted its focus back to its core business of vegetable-tanned leathers in 1998. It not only gathered worldwide supplies of vegetable-tanned cow leathers but also established an inventory center stocked with nearly 1 million feet of various types of vegetable-tanned cow leather products in Taiwan. This was done to meet worldwide customers’ production demand within the shortest possible time. In 2008, in line with the international trends in leather craft development, the company repositioned itself and started afresh under the name of Indian DIY. It dedicated itself to promoting green, non-toxic, eco-friendly, and natural vegetable-tanned leather products.
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