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PopSmile Popcorn Tourism Factory

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Updates : 2023-12-22


PopSmile initiated its business through group buying in 2006 and has since become the first and leading brand of flavored popcorn. Its products are sold in chain convenience stores, wholesale stores, supermarkets, organic shops, department stores, cafés, and hand-shake drink shops. Its presence extends to over 30 countries worldwide. PopSmile is also recognized as the pioneer of innovative popcorn in Asia.

The first popcorn tourism factory in Asia was launched in 2020! Located on the left bank of the Tamsui River in Bali, the PopSmile Popcorn Tourism Factory, offers tours guided by professional personnel. These tours provide information about the history and evolution of popcorn, as well as related life knowledge. Additionally, the factory showcases AI automation technology used in production lines, offers sensory interactive games, and provides hands-on DIY experiences. This creates an enjoyable space that integrates education, tourism, creativity, and technology!

Do you know about the stories behind popcorns? Do you known how are the popcorns made? Let’s come and explore Asia’s first PopSmile Popcorn Tourism Factory together with the Corn Elf~
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