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Taiping Holiday Farmers' Market (Shoushan Temple Holiday Farmers’ Market)

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Updates : 2023-12-22


The Taiping Holiday Farmers' Market (also known as the Shoushan Temple Holiday Farmers’ Market) primarily offers high-quality seasonal vegetables, showcasing the exceptional achievements of local farmers in achieving self-sufficiency. Located adjacent to the archway of Shoushan Temple in Taiping Village, the farmers’ market operates on weekends and national holidays from 9 a.m. to 12 p.m. The market is divided into two zones: the agricultural product zone and the cooked product zone. The agricultural product zone sells locally grown eco-friendly leafy vegetables, while the cooked product zone offers a variety of prepared foods, such as Taiwanese stir-fried rice noodles, Chinese mesona chicken soup, and ice treats. The market is spacious and can accommodate over 20 food stalls.

Visitors can begin by enjoying the beauty of the Taiping forests at the Hubao Pond Scenic Area and then relax while purchasing high-quality local vegetables at the Taiping Holidays Farmers’ Market. Taiping Village, known for its clean water and unpolluted soil, primarily grows mushrooms, Calla Lilies, seasonal vegetables, and melons. Among these, its shiitake mushrooms are renowned far and wide.



Since the sellers of the vegetables are mainly elderly local farmers, the service hours are from morning to noon
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