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New Taipei City Travel

New Taipei City Art Museum

New Taipei City Art Museum

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Updates : 2024-05-31

Travel tips

  • A new landmark of art in Northern Taiwan that connects the art and cultural thresholds of Sanxia and Yingge
  • The silver-white tubular structures of varying heights mimic the dynamic movement of common reeds swaying in the wind
  • The outdoor public artworks demonstrate the ceramic art culture of Yingge
  • Connected to the Dahan River Bikeway: one can leisurely enjoy the scenery along the riverbank


The New Taipei City Art Museum is located in Yingge, globally renowned for its ceramic craftsmanship. The silver-white building sits on reclaimed land at the confluence of the Yingge River and Dahan River. It is designed with the elements of common reeds, which are frequently found along the riverbanks of Sanxia and Yingge. Its outer walls also utilize tubular structures of varying heights to picture the imagery of common reeds swaying in the wind. The New Taipei City Art Museum is integrated with diverse cultural sites, art communities, local industries, and the natural ecology of New Taipei City to drive the city's development in urban aesthetics, arts, and culture.

A contemporary art museum situated among common reeds
Constructed on an extensive elevated riverbank of the Dahan River, the New Taipei City Art Museum is designed with several spaces, including the main building, children's art museum, "The Pavilion", "Creative Cluster", "West Lawn", and "Sanying Spatial Art District". The Museum has departed from enclosed architectural design to transform the museum campus into an open and interactive art settlement by integrating an open space with the riverscape.

Sanying Spatial Art District
The outdoor area features several public artworks integrated with Yingge’s ceramic art culture. The most prominent among them is a 15-meter-high orange-red installation art resembling a coil-formed unfired clay, symbolizing the inception of pottery-making. When stepping inside, one can feel the sunlight filtering through the top of this artwork, instantly imparting a sense of divinity to the entire site. By ascending the spiral staircase to the top, visitors can also behold the landscapes of Yingge and Sanxia from a distance. Adjacent to the campus is the Dahan River's left bank bikeway, which, along with the Sanying MRT line currently under construction, further connects and facilitates cultural exchange within the Sanying area.

Services & Facilities

  • Hiking Trail
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