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New Taipei City Wan Jin Shi Marathon

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New Taipei City Wan Jin Shi Marathon
Event Date : 2023-03-19
Event Location : Wanli Dist., New Taipei City Taiwán, R.O.C
Organizer : New Taipei City Government
For the event schedules, please refer to the official site or poster for any latest changes.
The New Taipei City Wan Jin Shi Marathon is Taiwan’s only race accredited with a IAAF Label. Every year, an average of 12,000 marathon enthusiasts participate and compete among many top international runners. The marathon course, distinguished among races by its sumptuous scenic delights, is set along the Northeast Coast, which includes the “Venus Coast,” known for its beautiful mountain and ocean view. What’s more, the local, over-a-thousand-members-strong Cheerleading Squad (organized by the Wanli, Jinshan, and Shimen District Offices) would be stationed along the race course by early morning before the marathon. The cheerleaders would be festively attired, blending in with local attractions such as the Wanli crabs, the Queen’s Head, Jinshan hot springs, and kites of Shimen. Also featured are performances on large drums as well as electronic versions of traditional Taiwanese customs such as the San Tai Zi. Undeterred by early morning low temperature, the Squad members would cheer every contestant with wholehearted fervor, heating up the local atmosphere while strengthening the community’s unity. This is an annual festivity recognized and supported by North Coast’s residents.


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