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New Taipei City Tamsui Environmental Arts Festival

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New Taipei City Tamsui Environmental Arts Festival
Event Date : October(To be announced (TBA))
Event Location : Tamsui Dist., New Taipei City Taiwán, R.O.C
Organizer : Cultural Affairs Department, New Taipei City Government
For the event schedules, please refer to the official site or poster for any latest changes.
Looking at Tamsui from an international perspective, it is a potential World Heritage Site candidate. Looking at Tamsui from Taiwan, it is a river estuary city with longstanding history and scenic attractions. Looking at Tamsui from the local community’s perspective, Tamsui is a melting pot of diverse culture and ethnicities. The Tamsui Environmental Arts Festival embodies Tamsui’s rich culture and creates the city’s cultural characteristics via the strength of the local community.

Since 2009, residents of Tamsui have expressed the dialogue between culture and people with their bodies. Through parades and environmental theaters, they have pioneered the creative spirit of “arts in the community and life”, thereby reconnecting people to the land and inspiring enthusiastic participation from the community residents, ultimately successfully shaping the local characteristics of “Cultural Arts in Danshui”. In October each year, events such as art parades, environmental theaters, fringe performances, exhibitions and campus tours are held to build a platform dedicated to developing and sharing performing arts.


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