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Free yourself in Saenkeng-Shiding-Pingxi

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Event Date: 2021-01-01 ~ 2021-12-31
Event Location:& Shiding Dist. & Pingxi Dist., Shenkeng Dist., New Taipei City Taiwán, R.O.C
Organizer:Tourism and Travel Department, New Taipei City Government
For the event schedules, please refer to the official site or poster for any latest changes.
Taiwan Trip – Muzha Pingxi Route795Depart from MRT Muzha Station, passing
【Shenkeng District】 Shenkeng Old Street
【Shiding District】 Shuangxikou, Wenshan Coal Mine, Guniang Temple
【Pingxi District】 Jingtong Keng, Pingxi Old Street, Tianzi|Lingjiao Railway Station, Qinghe Station|Wanggu Railway Station,Shifenliao, Shifen Visitor Center
From physical and mental health to environmental health, let’s explore trails in the woods, mysterious place of the waterfall, local cuisines, and enjoy the healthy trip of “Free Yourself in Shenkeng-Shiding-Pingxi” together!


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