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A Journey of Taking Beautiful Photos! A Thorough Visit to the Yinhe Cave and the Hongludi Nanshan Fude Temple with a Great Night View

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The Yinhe Cave Hiking Trail
Sometimes, does having no transportation available ever stopped you from getting closer to nature on the weekends? After the operation of the Circular Line of Taipei Mass Rapid Transit Systems (Taipei MRT) begins, outing becomes easier. Would you feel like admiring the scenery or taking beautiful photos? Just follow the route, you'll find the right ways! Starting from the MRT Dapinglin Station, it's the way to a secret place called "Yinhe Cave;" people can take a stroll in the grass under tree shades for comfortable enjoyment; as soon as you hear the sound of a waterfall, people can see the extremely fascinating scene of water falling off from a cliff cave where the temple was built! Walking further to reach "Bitan" with its beautiful landscapes, people can walk across the suspension bridge to overlook the riverbank as well as try the swan-shaped paddle boats. At noon, people can take a short break at the "Pompie 2," a renowned shop that is located next to the No.4 park and recommended by the internet celebrities; quiche is the food you must try, it goes well with some desserts, such as smoothies or pieces of layer cake, people can enjoy a good lunch. If you need more food, taking a trip to "Myanmar Street" in Zhonghe can impress you so much by the strong exotic Southeast Asian atmosphere; each shop has its signature dish, the South Pacific Island cuisines are also available. The last spot to visit is the most well-known temple in northern Taiwan, "Hongludi Nanshan Fude Temple," people can thank the Earth God for his protection as well as admire the wide night view of greater Taipei before ending the wonderful one-day tour.

The Yinhe Cave Hiking Trail
Mt. Dailaokeng is the summit of the west extension belonging to the Ergeshan mountain range, it's also called Degaoling. The trail is flat and easy to hike and the landscapes along the way are lush and enticing. Dapianwei Ridge ends at Xindian River and Qingtan River, it's an easy hiking trail; along the way, there are the Yinhe Cave, Dachun Villa, etc, the lush scenes in front of the eyes are beautiful in a quiet atmosphere, a popular tourist's spot.

The Yinhe Cave is right beside Beiyi Road, it's a cave having an outline that curves inwards on the cliff; there's a small temple built to worship Guanyin. The words embossed on the cliff are "Bie-you-dong-tian (means a beautiful hidden spot)." When Meiziliao River reaches here, the waterfall drops at a 90-degree angle from the cliff and forms the Yinhe Cave Waterfall. Yinhe Cave was found in the Taisho 1 (in 1912), there's a Lu Dongbin Temple built behind it. Next to the temple, there are silk-like streams of water falling from the mountain; due to water tasting sweet and refreshing, a lot of tourists come here to scoop water and drink. Under the Yinhe Cave, there's a small garden with stone tables and chairs; tourists can admire the waterfall here while enjoying the chilly atmosphere that is filled with water splashes.

Location and Address: Yinhe Rd., Xindian Dist., New Taipei City
Contact Phone Number: 886-2-29112281 (Xindian District Office)
Opening Hours: All year round.
Fax Number: 886-2-29670755

The traffic information from the MRT Xindian Station to the Yinhe Cave Hiking Trail
1. At the MRT Xindian Station, take the bus "Green Route 12" and get off at "Yinhe Cave".
2. At the MRT Dapingling Station, take the Bus No. "647" or "650" and get off at "Zhongsheng Bridge".

The Yinhe Cave Hiking Trail's information

Bitan Scenic Area
The “Bitan Scenic Area” is near the Taipei Metro Xindian Station. As part of the Xindian River, it is called “Bitan” (literally clear water lake) because water is clear, water flow is gentle, and the opening is spacious. In addition to the gentle slopes, beautiful mountains and the undulating bikeway suitable for lovers and family tours, the historical suspension bridge is the landmark of the scenic area.

On the bridge, the entire river and shore view of the “Bitan Scenic Area” is in sight. Below, visitors can surf around the lake in a water bike (aka swan boat), rent a bike to explore the gorgeous scenery of the area along the lakeside bikeway, or stroll across the romantic and exotic “Riverside Marketplace” to take pictures with the Cupid installation art and fun 3D paintings.

Location and Address: Xindian District, New Taipei, Taiwan 231
Contact Phone Number: 886-2-29132579
Opening Hours: 8:00-17:00

The traffic information from the Yinhe Cave Hiking Trail to the Bitan Scenic Area
At Yinhe Cave", take the bus "Green Route 12" and get off at the MRT Xindian Station.

Bitan Scenic Area's information

Pompie 2
Located next to the No.4 Park, the owner of Pompie 2, who came back to Taiwan from Australia, hopes to introduce the authentic quiche to people, and he opened the Pompie, the previous name of Pompie 2. Afterwards, he reopened the shop with fresh flower smoothies and pieces of layer cake, and the shop's name was changed to Pompie 2. The signature flower smoothies are made of a mix of fresh fruit added with edible flowers and oats, not only healthy but also looking great in front of the camera. For sure, having the quiche for brunch is a must-eat food. The signature quiche layered by half-cooked sunny side up fried egg, pan-fried wild mushroom, salad, etc., really looking "Pompie (means abundant)"! In addition to the two kinds of food, there are pieces of layer cake, soft-serve milk ice cream, pudding, etc. available in Pompie 2. They are the best-selling desserts in summer.

Location and Address: No.164, Anle Rd., Yonghe Dist., New Taipei City
Contact Phone Number: 886-2-89418148
Opening Hours: Weekdays: 1200~20:00; Holidays: 10:00~20:00; it closes on Tuesdays and from the 1st day to the 5th day of the 1st lunar month.

The traffic information from the Bitan Scenic Area to the Pompie 2
Take the MRT Xindian Line and get off at the Dapinglin Station; then, transfer to the Circular Line and get off at the Jingan Station. Or, transfer to the Zhonghe-Xinlu Line and get off at the Yongan Market Station. Walk through the 823 Memorial Park (No.4 Park). It takes about an 8-minute walk to reach the destination.

Pompie 2's information

Myanmar Street
Zhonghe is the home of huge immigrant population, including Burmese people who have settled down in Taiwan. A small market of Burmese food on Huaxin Street was formed after some Burmese immigrants decided to open Myanmar restaurants to satisfy their craving for the foods of their homeland. The market is now called Myanmar Street by local residents and has attracted not only Burmese Chinese, but also Taiwanese people, as food from Southeast Asian countries have become more and more popular in Taiwan. Some gourmands even visit this area only to find delicious and affordable delicacies from Southeast Asia, such as Guoqiao rice noodles, curry chicken, spicy rice noodles, lemon fish and milk tea. These dishes are sold at reasonable prices and you can relish them as they are prepared by nostalgic immigrants any time you want by yourself or with other people.

Location and Address: Huaxin St., Zhonghe Dist., New Taipei City, Taiwan 235
Contact Phone Number: 886-2-22482688
Opening Hours: 08:00-18:00(Opening times based on individual shops)

The traffic information from the Pompie 2 to the Myanmar Street
Take the MRT the Zhonghe-Xinlu Line and get off at the Nanshijiao Station. It takes about a 10-minute walk to reach the destination.

Myanmar Street's information

Zhonghe Hongludi
Taiwan's biggest Earth God statue. Built over 260 years ago, Fude Temple in Nanshan is dedicated to the Earth God Fude Jhengshen. The temple's reputation and scale grew with a series of purported mystical signs. To thank the Earth God for his protection, the temple worshippers erected a 109-foot-tall statue in the deity's image.

Location and Address: No.160-1, Ln. 399, Sec. 2, Xingnan Rd., Zhonghe Dist., New Taipei City, Taiwan 235
Contact Phone Number: 886-2-29425277
Opening Hours: Open all year round

The traffic information from the Myanmar Street to the Zhonghe Hongludi
At the Huaxin Street Station, take the Bus No.249 and get off at Hongludi. It takes about a 500-meter walk to reach the destination.

Zhonghe Hongludi's informaion

Return Trip Traffic Information
At the Hongludi Station, take the Bus No. 249 or 670 and get off at Jingxin Street. It takes a 450-meter walk to reach the MRT Nanshijiao Station.

Circular Line MAP
Circular Line MAP
8 recommended tourism factories in New Taipei City: Creating a good memory together
New Taipei City is renowned for its thriving industries, notably the long-established ceramic industry in Yingge, which has evolved since the Qing Dynasty, and the mining industry in Ruifang. During the export-oriented policy of the 1960s, light industries such as food, textiles, electronics, and others began to flourish. Factories congregated in Sanchong, Wugu, Xinzhuang, Banqiao, and Tucheng along Provincial Highways 1 and 3, contributing to the so-called "Taiwan Economic Miracle". As industries progressed, changes in labor costs and environmental consciousness prompted a gradual outward migration of manufacturing activities. In response to these shifts, some factories underwent a government-guided transformation into tourism-centric establishments, aiming to present traditional industries to citizens in a lively and enjoyable manner. Today, these locations have become popular leisure destinations for families, offering them opportunities to deepen their knowledge and create souvenirs through do-it-yourself (DIY) experiences. This chapter will introduce 8 tourism factories in different fields to satisfy the interests of travelers.【Sanchong】​​Beer Head Tourist BreweryEstablished in the spring of 2015 in Sanchong, the Taiwan Head Brewers, also recognized as the Beer Head, stands as the inaugural craft beer brewery tourism factory in Taipei City and New Taipei City. Spanning nearly 1000 ping, it is situated adjacent to the Xianse Temple MRT station and the Xingfu MRT Station of the Circular Line. The Beer Head prides itself on using primarily local ingredients in its beer production. Its notable offering is the "Twenty-four Solar Terms" beer series, which skillfully infused with Taiwan’s winter melon sugar, Changhua’s Jasmine tea, Pingtung’s cocoa, oriental beauty tea, and various other regional flavors. These beers are crafted to deliver enjoyable brews that capture the distinctive tastes of the island. The Taiwan Head Brewers offers professional tours guided by highly experienced brewers, providing travelers with an in-depth observation of the various beer brewing stages. Visitors can also pour a perfect pint of fresh beer themselves and can their creation under the brewer's guidance to take home!【Sanchong】Indian DIY LeathercraftTaiwan was once a stronghold of the pigskin leather industry but gradually declined due to the rise of environmental awareness and the outward migration of manufacturing activities. Established during this wave of industrial transformation, the Indian DIY Leathercraft is committed to promoting green, non-toxic, eco-friendly, and naturally vegetable-tanned leather crafts, including materials packs, hardware accessories, dyes, and finishing agents in various products. During the tour, professional tour guides will not only provide insights into the history and process of leather production but also offer the opportunity for travelers to engage in a do-it-yourself (DIY) activity, creating their own fashionable leather accessories using this ancient method, which is the oldest known leather-making technique!【Wugu】Fengde Tourism FactorySituated within the New Taipei Industrial Park, Fende is the first food company that began its business from a legally operated slaughterhouse. Apart from having its business scope extended to the supply of pork, chicken, seafood, and vegetables, Fende has also developed a “food and agriculture education”-themed tourism facility dedicated to promoting domestic agricultural products, fostering healthy dietary habits, and cultivating an appreciation for food. The factory is established with a transparent vegetable-and-fruit corridor and a production visiting area, allowing visitors to learn about the process from food processing to packaging and distribution. It also lively presents all kinds of food ingredients in front of visitors through interactive AR and VR guided teachings for them to do FUN DIY activities (such as making colorful mochi, shaking rice balls, and creating red tortoise cake) while enjoying the fun of cuisine.【Bali】PopSmile Popcorn Tourism FactoryRecognized as one of Taiwan's leading brands of flavored popcorn, PopSmile has opened Asia’s first popcorn tourism factory on the left bank of the Tamsui River in Bali. With a vibrant ambiance embellished with colorful themes, the tourism factory features an American small-town setting, making it irresistible for visitors to refrain from capturing photos with their mobile phones. Led by professional tour guides, travelers can explore the history and evolution of popcorn, acquire related life knowledge, and discover the advanced AI automation technology used in production lines. Visitors can also engage in entertaining interactive games and DIY activities. It is a must-visit destination for popcorn enthusiasts.【Linkou】Prince Creative Stationery KingdomPrince Stationery has long been dedicated to the eraser industry and hastened the production of Taiwan's first yellow-barrel ballpoint pen, creating the brand of “high-quality stationery from Taiwan”. Prince Creative Stationery transformed part of its factory site into a tourism facility, becoming the new highlight of Linkou’s tourism scene. Let's follow its mascot, Duke, into the “Time Tunnel of Eraser” and “Celebrity’s Stationery Treasure Box” to catch a glimpse of the eraser production process. Visitors can also create cute and creative stationery using completely non-toxic, eco-friendly materials, providing both adults and children with a delightful and memorable experience.【Yingge】Hsin-Wang Shu Ceramics Memorial MuseumYingge is the capital of ceramics in Taiwan and was home to thousands of ceramic factories during its heyday. Established in 1926, Hsin-Wang Shu Ceramics witnessed the rise and down of of Yingge’s ceramic industry. The Hsin-Wang Shu Ceramics Memorial Museum was established in 2010 and became the first tourism factory that passed the evaluation of the Ministry of Economic Affairs. The museum has preserved various historical artifacts, including antique-grade gas kilns, kick wheels, and other pottery-making equipment. The experiencing zone is divided into hand-pulling clay, hand-pinching pottery, glaze painting, and mosaic collage experiencing areas, offering visitors the opportunity to experience the joy of creating ceramics.【Tucheng】Wang Ding Time Arts MuseumHave you ever wondered why time appears different everywhere when you travel overseas? Wang Ding, established in 1984, invested significant resources in collaboration with the Industrial Technology Research Institute (ITRI) and even sought expertise in Switzerland to develop the "World Time Zone Clock Movement". In 2012, Wang Ding established a time-themed arts museum to explore how the global time zones are determined and the assembly and production process of quartz watches. In the DIY zone, visitors can have an in-depth experience assembling quartz clock movements and designing products in their own style using the craftsmanship of watchmakers, which is both fun and educational!【Banqiao】Yumeeiren Garment Tourism FactoryYumeeiren initially operated as a ready-made garment factory and later transformed into a supplier of maternity clothing and related products. This long-standing clothing factory has been established for over half a century and has endured the decline of traditional industries and the impact of Taiwan’s declining birth rates. Despite these challenges, it continues to insist on maintaining the production line for maternity clothing catered to expectant mothers. From design to production and finally to the finished products, everything originates from Yumeeiren’s factories. It's the first maternity clothing company to receive MIT certification. Come visit the Yumeeiren Garment Tourism Factory to understand the process of creating ready-made garments, try making do-it-yourself baby clothing and fashion T-shirts. Moreover, all family members can also wear the unique, specially weighted maternity clothes available exclusively in Taiwan to experience the weight that mothers carry during their ten-month pregnancy journey.
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