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Welcome to the suggestions mailbox. To protect the rights of the petitioner and the person receiving the petition and to avoid wasting administrative resources, please be sure to fill in your real name and contact information as the basis for proceeding with your suggestion.
  • If your statement involves the safety of the life or property of a city resident, please dial 1999 if you are within New Taipei City. For petitioners outside New Taipei City, please dial 886-2-29603456 #1300.
  • Any content proven to be incomplete, unreal, or which violates the “Administrative Procedure Act” will not be dealt with. The information provided is subject to the “Personal Information Protection Act” and other related regulations; therefore, it will not be revealed to the public or used for other purposes, but only used specifically for the proceedings of the unit in charge.
  • After the case is officially established, the proceedings will take up to 7 working days in principle (Saturdays, Sundays, and holidays not included). The unit in charge has the right to prolong the proceeding time depending on the complexity of the case.
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