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Marvel at the breathtaking scenery day and night


The most romantic New Taipei City is brought to you live without delay

Golden Mountain Village

Climb to the highest point of Jiufen.

Enjoy the day and night views of the golden mountain village.



Located at the highest point of Jiufen, the Jiufen Kaicheng Temple that thrives with incense offerings primarily enshrines the Jade Emperor. In the square in front of the Temple, visitors can overlook the entire Jiufen village. With its unique sloped landscape and profound cultural significance, Jiufen has become a picturesque postcard representing New Taipei City to the world. Each day, as the sun sets, the lingering twilight bathes Jiufen in a golden hue, as if it has returned to the glorious era of gold mining.

Highlights :

  • The enchanting and ever-changing stunning views of the mountains and sea.
  • The Jiufen mountain village at dusk.
  • The jewel-like glittering fishing lights on the sea at night.
  • Viewing the renowned North Coast attractions – Keelung Mountain and Keelung Islet – in the distance.
Modern Metropolis

The skyline of the metropolitan area of Taipei City and New Taipei City and Taipei Basin encircled by mountains



Nanshan Fude Temple in Hunglodei is the most popular Earth God temple for seeking wealth in northern Taiwan, where the endless stream of worshippers keeps Hunglodei bustling day and night. Situated on Nanshijiao Mountain in Zhonghe, the Temple offers a spacious view, making Hunglodei a sacred place for enjoying the nightscapes of Taipei City and New Taipei City. Worshippers also come here to seek wealth, marriage, and the well-being of countless households in the metropolitan area.

Highlights :

  • The towering peaks and verdant hills of the Tatun Mountains and Guanyin Mountain display a magnificent mountain scenery that embraces the metropolis.
  • The skyline of Taipei City and New Taipei City formed by dozens of skyscrapers stretching from Banqiao to Nangang.
  • The metropolitan lights that brighten the night sky.
Livestream of the coast

Find the romantic coastal moments at Fisherman's Wharf

Fisherman's Wharf


Fisherman's Wharf is located on the right bank of the Tamsui River estuary and is known for its sunset. At Fisherman's Wharf, in addition to watching the sunset, you must visit the iconic landmark, Lover's Bridge; take a ferry along the Blue Highway, or enjoy the fishing port scenery along the boardwalk. The "chilliest" port of New Taipei is waiting for you online.

Highlights :

  • Beautiful sunset over the river.
  • Gorgeous night view at the landmark Lover's Bridge Gazing.
  • At Guanyin Mountain's "Bengling Spitting Mist" at a distance.
  • Tamsui's future Landmark, Danjiang Bridge, is currently under construction.
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