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2020 Pingxi Sky Lantern Festival

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The “2020 Pingxi Sky Lantern Festival in New Taipei City” held on February 1 (Saturday, January 8 on lunar calendar) and February 8 (Saturday, the Lantern Festival, January 15 on lunar calendar) in Pingxi Junior High School and Shifen Square. It is the sole and only event in Taiwan, featuring group sky lantern flying up to the hundreds. At the same time under this year’s theme, “Lighting up the Hope Together.”
In addition to sky lanterns, beautiful and serene mountain city, Pingxi, features diverse ecology, charming railway landscape, nostalgia mining historical culture, and local snack foods to attract its visitors. Thus, this year’s events allow more visitors to add and update the itineraries to Shuangxi and Shuangxi.
According to the Department of Tourism and Travel, New Taipei City, the “New Taipei City Pingxi Sky Lantern Festival” is recommended by National Geographic Magazine as “one of the world’s most recommendable winter tour destination” and Reader’s Digest, listed Pingxi as “ one of the 40 destination sites one shall visit before 40 years old.” From six months before this yearly event, many international visitors begin their inquiries in order to take a part in this international festival in Taiwan, especially those from Japan, Korea, Europe, and the US. Thus, this year, the Department especially works with travel agencies and at least 1,200 international visitors are expected to take part in tours and sky lantern flying.


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