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Christmasland Descends in Dazzling Aurora: Disney+ Theme Main Light Show Lights Up New Taipei City

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Disney+ Carnival 3D projection mapping show is set to spread festive cheer with popular characters from Disney+ in Christmasland main light show
“Disney+ Carnival” 3D projection mapping show is set to spread festive cheer with popular characters from Disney+ in Christmasland main light show! Meet Elsa from Frozen performing her ice magics to unveil this winter gala of Disney+ fantasy of the themed projection mapping show! Iconic scenes from heart-warming Coco, adventurous Up and Lightyear, thrilling WandaVision and Finding Dory, and mesmerizing Beauty and the Beast and Encanto will all be recreated in the Christmasland main light show, sweeping you off in a wave of nostalgia and rekindling excitement! Gorgeous laser effects complemented by the New Taipei City Hall building will stage a stunning sound and light show for all spectators to enjoy joyful Christmas celebrations. Following the first “Disney+ Carnival” right after Christmasland opening, another projection mapping show is scheduled to kickstart in early December. Don’t miss out the chance to live your travel in New Taipei City to the fullest!
The 2022 Christmasland in New Taipei City, which has been held for 12 consecutive years, was presided over on November 11 by New Taipei City Deputy Mayor Chen Chwen-Jing, who officiated the lighting ceremony and lit up the main Christmas light show. This year, fun will be boosted up to a whole new level with classic Disney+ characters and iconic scenes projected on the walls of New Taipei City Hall building, with the glitz and glamour of twin illumination zones “Xinban” and “Fuzhong”, and a series of exhilarating Christmasland activities from November 11, 2022 to January 2, 2023 will surely keep you busy! Magnificent illumination installations, romantic lit-up corridors, and children play facilities are awaiting your visit. Christmasland in New Taipei City will transform the town into a “Snow Town”, surprises, and enjoyable ambience, giving you an unprecedented experience that will stay with you forever!
During the lighting ceremony, Deputy Mayor Chen Chwen-Jing stressed that the Christmasland in New Taipei City features iconic characters and scenes from the six major Disney+ brands to create immersive 3D projection mapping show and laser light experience and an exotic German Christmas market will be welcoming visitors in December. Deputy Mayor also expressed his gratitude to the German Trade Office Taipei (GTO) for attending the ceremony. As the most prominent annual event in Taiwan, the highly-anticipated Christmasland projection mapping show is ready to entertain fun-seekers with a symphony of sound and light! This year, Christmasland achieved a real breakthrough by bringing aurora and drifting snow into life. Enchanting “snow pool” amusement park facility allows the locals to indulge themselves in below-zero chills! Remember to put on some warm clothes to make memories in a white winter, enjoy the snow, and chase the aurora at Christmasland in New Taipei City.
The culmination of Christmasland in New Taipei City, the main light show has made international headlines for several years, and the New Taipei City Hall building will serve as the best backdrop for the show this year. During the daytime, you may gaze at the elegant and translucent snowflakes floating on the City Hall building from a distance, symbolizing the theme of “Snow Town”. At night, a breathtaking light projection mapping show will be on a full scale, presenting different levels of fun for day and night. The main light projection mapping show will be staged at a 30-minute interval between 17:30 and 22:00 (without background music 22:30-24:00) from November 11, 2022 to January 2, 2023. Colorful beams projected onto a sea of clouds generated from smoke machines will take you right into the spellbinding charm of aurora, saving you a trip to remote high-altitude regions! Snowflakes will simultaneously float down from the City Hall building, allowing the public to enjoy the main light show as if they were in a snowy nation and marvel at the beautiful aurora with the drifting snow. The refreshing design is both enthralling and educative, promoting environmental awareness by showcasing the rare beauty of aurora.
Since the opening of the Christmasland, besides the highlight of event, the main light show, numerous Disney+ scenes and characters inspired installations in twin main illumination zones “Xinban” and “Fuzhong” will be greeting eventgoers with Mickey, Minnie, Olaf, Buzz Lightyear, Groot, Grogu, and other beloved characters. Each venue is assigned with its own characteristics! Visit the “Snow Town” in New Taipei City Plaza for the spectacular main light show, the Olaf-themed Christmas tree, Christmas market decorated with pristine white snow, as well as the children’s favorite carousel and igloo play snow pools. The “Silver White Forest” in front of the Banqiao Station Square resembles a Scandinavian snowy town, a poetic silver white winter wonderland for you to make memories. The “Pixar Classics Revisited” in Wanping Park presents classic Pixar scenes, fan-favorite pop-up store and Disney merchandise. In Fuzhong, the “National Geographic Polar Area” puts a spin on serious environmental issues by incorporating AI data into a splendid sound and light show. Be sure to visit all feature zones of Christmasland in New Taipei City. Every single meticulously curated installation will redefine your view about Christmas celebration!
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