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New Taipei City Celebrates Lantern Festival Together – Shifen Good Luck Rabbit Lantern Dazzles the Night Sky

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Press Release 2023-02-05
Tourism and Travel Department of the New Taipei City Government
New Taipei City Celebrates Lantern Festival Together – Shifen Good Luck Rabbit Lantern Dazzles the Night Sky
In addition to the Lantern Festival unveiled today (February 5), the first event of the much-anticipated "2023 Pingxi Sky Lantern Festival" was held at Shifen Square. Domestic and foreign tourists are welcome to enjoy the magnificent sky lanterns floating up in the air to bath in the peace and joy of Lantern Festival. The first event acknowledges the Year of the Rabbit on the Lunar Calendar and is boosted by famous artist Rabbit with Mask and "National Treasure of Sky Lanterns" Min-shu Hu, who creates the "New Taipei To You" large-scale theme lantern. For the first time, two 20-foot tall super large main lanterns were made to spread the festive vibe of the Jade Rabbit and will be released together with hundreds of flying sky lanterns. Come and witness all the rabbits “hopping” higher and farther!
New Taipei City Government Deputy Mayor Cheng-Ta Hsieh noted that New Taipei City is a city with attractions that draws in millions of people, and this year's Pingxi Sky Lantern Festival in New Taipei City has made a breakthrough by producing two 20-foot tall super-large main lanterns for the first time, framing the concept of "New Taipei To You". One of them features the "Good Luck Rabbit", wearing a New Year's festive vest and holding a "Love together at the Lantern Festival" spring couplet, with a smiling face, and the other features a "carrot", signifying a new year of good luck and fortune. Beside the theme lantern. 150 4-foot rabbit-shaped sky lanterns was distributed to lucky participants to release into the sky, symbolizing that all of them will enjoy prosperous 2023 and promising career future. The lanterns are also embodiment of Taiwan to impress visitors from all over the world through the Pingxi Sky Lantern Festival.
With the global epidemic abating and countries lifting border restrictions one after another,  tourism revival will be the focus of this year's event. The first weekend after the Spring Festival will feature an iconic, world-renowned festive event, "2023 Pingxi Sky Lantern Festival in New Taipei City", which has attracted people to line up at the event venue this morning to get their sky lantern release vouchers. In addition to Taiwanese people, there were also foreign tourists who flocked to the event to experience the spectacular view of the sky lanterns rising in the sky after a long hiatus, as tourism gradually recovered after the epidemic. Many foreign visitors expressed their excitement and joy to participate in the event as the Pingxi Sky Lantern Festival in New Taipei City ranks high in the must-visit destination list. Many foreign tourists were looking forward to the evening illuminated by magnificent sky lanterns! Furthermore, the natural beauty of Pingxi is breathtaking, and the warmth and hospitality of the local people can only be truly felt when actually coming to Taiwan.
For the second Lantern Festival Gala event, the New Taipei City Government plans to welcome the upcoming romantic Valentine's Day with "Romance in Pingxi - Yes, I Do" at Pingxi Junior High School (No. 295, Sec. 2, Jing'an Road, Pingxi District, New Taipei City) at 18:00 on February 11 (Sat.) to spread happiness and share the love.
The Tourism and Travel Department of New Taipei City encourages everyone to take public transportation and make good use of shuttle buses, as well as to comply with epidemic prevention measures in order to have a good time and return home safely. For more information about the "2023 Pingxi Sky Lantern Festival", please visit the New Taipei City Travel website or join the New Taipei City Travel Facebook Fan Page or the event website.
  • "2023 Pingxi Sky Lantern Festival" official website: https://2023skylantern.ntpc.gov.tw/
  • New Taipei City Travel website: https://newtaipei.travel
New Taipei City Travel Facebook Fan Page: http://www.facebook.com/ntctour


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