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Experience the Charm of New Taipei's Old Streets during Qingming Festival

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New Taipei City Government Tourism Bureau Press Release 113.04.02
Experience the Charm of New Taipei's Old Streets during Qingming Festival

【New Taipei City】As the Qingming Festival approaches, the New Taipei City Government Tourism Bureau has planned a series of travel strategies for the holiday. Seizing the opportunity of the blossoming spring, the bureau encourages everyone to go on outings during the Qingming holiday. From the secluded Pingsi Old Street with its aroma of tea, to Yingge Ceramic Street with its centuries-old craftsmanship, and the nostalgic ambiance of Bali Ferry Old Street, every corner is filled with elegance and charm. Special exhibitions and activities are tailored to the season, ranging from exploring the cultural artifacts of nature to experiencing modern creative crafts. These attractions promise to captivate visitors, inviting them to immerse themselves in the unique local culture of New Taipei.

With the arrival of spring during the Qingming Festival, Pingsi Old Street transforms into a verdant corridor of tea fragrance. Besides the numerous tea shops lining the street, there are also specialty products such as tea-infused pastries, tea oil noodles, and other tea-related items. Adjacent to the old street, the New Taipei City Pingsi Tea Industry Museum is currently hosting the special exhibition "Artifacts: The Vessel of Heaven, Earth, and Humanity," offering visitors not only a chance to taste tea but also an opportunity to feast their eyes on the essence of cultural artifacts.

Yingge, renowned for its ceramics, is undoubtedly a popular destination for tourists in New Taipei. Apart from the captivating Ceramic Old Street, the Yingge Ceramics Museum has meticulously prepared the cultural event "2024 Spring Journey in Yingge," offering free admission throughout the holiday. Among the activities, the "Pot-fermented Plum DIY" is particularly popular, allowing participants to pickle tender plums in ceramic jars, embodying the lively imagery of spring blossoms.

The romantic ambiance of Bali Ferry Old Street is truly one of a kind. This pathway connecting the fishing port with the old street seems tailor-made for nostalgic enthusiasts. Lined with old houses and traditional alleys, every corner exudes rustic charm. Not to be missed is the nearby Thirteen Levels Museum. As the holiday coincides with Children's Day, the museum is offering the limited-time activity "Fun Leather Keychain DIY," available for both on-site and phone registrations. Children will have the opportunity to become little artisans, experiencing the unique joy of leather carving starting from familiar animal shapes.

The New Taipei City Government warmly welcomes domestic and international visitors to relax and enjoy the Qingming Festival with family and friends, wandering through this city rich in culture, savoring the unique local atmosphere. For more travel information, please visit the relevant links for inquiries.
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