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2024 Explore New Taipei - Orienteering Adventure, Registration Now Open for Tashan Event

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New Taipei City Government Tourism Bureau Press Release 113.04.11

2024 Explore New Taipei - Orienteering Adventure, Registration Now Open for Tashan Event

[New Taipei City, April 11] The first event of the "2024 Explore New Taipei - Orienteering Adventure" series will kick off in the Tucheng District on May 26, followed by events in the Tashan District (June 30), Wugu District (July 28), and Pinglin District (August 25). The first event in Tucheng is already fully booked, with the 100-person limit for registrations reached on the second day of registration. Currently, registration is open for the second event, "Literary Charm at the Foot of the Mountain," in Tashan until May 10. Registration for the third event in Wugu and the final event in Pinglin will open on May 6 and June 3 respectively. "Orienteering Adventure" is one of the competition events for the 2025 Taipei-New Taipei City World Masters Games, making the "2024 Explore New Taipei - Orienteering Adventure" series a warm-up event for the Games. Participants will navigate through trails and academies using orienteering maps, experiencing both the natural ecology and cultural atmosphere of the Tashan District.

The theme of the second event in Tashan is "Literary Charm at the Foot of the Mountain." As Tashan was once located at the foot of Pingding Mountain, it was known as the "foot of the mountain." It is also renowned for the "Ming Chih Study Hall," the first school in northern Taiwan. Mr. Hu Zhaoyou, the founder, recognized the lack of educational institutions in northern Taiwan, requiring scholars to travel to Changhua or Hsinchu to study. Thus, he donated his savings to establish the "School of Principles," laying the foundation for Tashan's rich literary atmosphere. Continuing this spirit, the event will start from Ding Tashan Rock next to Ming Chih University of Science and Technology, traversing through Qitou Ancient Trail, Butterfly Trail, Yixuekeng Trail, and Qingfeng Pavilion Trail, exploring the diverse landscape of Tashan with its ancient paths, education, and natural scenery.

The New Taipei City Government Tourism Bureau stated that orienteering adventure is an outdoor sport that tests both physical and intellectual abilities. This year, popular sports personalities including sports anchor Tian Hongkui, the king of citizen runners Li Zhiqun, the off-road champion Zhou Qing, and the mountain climbing goddess Ke Ke will participate in the events in Tucheng, Tashan, Wugu, and Pinglin respectively. Orienteering adventure combines fun and adventure, encouraging people not only to focus on speed but also to consciously plan their own exploration routes, experiencing the unique cultural history and beautiful scenery of the area while exercising and listening to the stories of the land.

To register for the event, please visit the Yibert website. More event information will be updated on the related links from time to time. Feel free to follow the information and not miss out on any updates.

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