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Exploring the Beauty of Fireflies in New Taipei: Experience Ecological Wonders

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New Taipei City Government Tourism Bureau Press Release 113.04.17

Exploring the Beauty of Fireflies in New Taipei: Experience Ecological Wonders

【New Taipei City】April to early May is the prime season for observing fireflies, and there are many hidden spots throughout New Taipei City where visitors can enjoy the mesmerizing sight of these beautiful creatures dancing in the evening. The New Taipei City Government Tourism Bureau has created a "New Taipei Firefly Viewing Map" guide, featuring convenient green locations accessible by bus, MRT (Mass Rapid Transit), train, or bicycle. These locations include the Pingxi Line railway, Bitan in Xindian, and the Hemei Mountain Trail, as well as the Wulai Yun Hsien Paradise. Visitors can plan to stay overnight in these areas to deeply immerse themselves in the wonders of nature.

The Pingxi Line railway area offers diverse attractions and is an ideal destination for day trips from Greater Taipei. With fewer streetlights along the railway, the mountainsides and riversides become ideal habitats for fireflies to thrive. Visitors can enjoy the magnificent waterfall scenery during the day and explore the enchanting fireflies in the evenings near Jing Tong and Pingxi Old Street. Additionally, many schools, local communities, and private organizations host exciting firefly viewing activities. Places like Pingxi Elementary School, Jing Tong Elementary School, the Zidong Community, and the "Hi Ha Pingxi" guided tour service, along with the New Pingxi Coal Mine Museum, offer exclusive firefly viewing experiences, allowing visitors to explore the ecological journey of fireflies while also learning about local characteristics and mining culture.

A popular firefly viewing spot accessible by MRT is the Hemei Mountain Trail in Bitan, Xindian. A 10 to 15-minute walk from Xindian MRT Station leads to the trailhead, where visitors can witness clusters of fireflies twinkling like stars along the path. At the mountaintop, breathtaking views of Bitan and distant sights of Nangang Mountain and Taipei 101 await. To learn more about firefly species and their habitats, interested individuals can sign up for online registration via the "Taiwan Nature Science Society" website from now until May 1st. Furthermore, by taking a bus to Wulai, visitors can access the Wulai Yun Hsien Paradise via the Maokong Gondola. The unique geographical location and natural beauty of Yun Hsien Paradise have made it a favorite among tourists. From now until June 30th, the Paradise offers a "Starlight Ticket" where guided tours lead visitors to firefly habitats, allowing them to immerse themselves in a rich ecological environment.

Director Yang Tsung-min of the New Taipei City Government Tourism Bureau emphasized that cool evenings accompanied by flickering fireflies provide the best natural classroom for learning to appreciate nature and cherish ecology. Visitors are reminded to wear long sleeves, long pants, and preferably cloth or rain shoes when viewing fireflies. It is strictly prohibited to catch or take fireflies, and stepping on grass can severely harm them. While enjoying the spectacle, visitors should remember to leave a natural and sustainable breeding environment for the beautiful fireflies. To ensure safety while observing fireflies, it is recommended to join local guided tours or be accompanied by residents, allowing visitors to gain relevant knowledge about fireflies and their habitats, enriching the firefly viewing experience. For more information on tourism in New Taipei City, please visit the relevant links.

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