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Swinging Lanterns Illuminate Jiufen Red - Red Strings of Wishes Come True

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New Taipei City Government Tourism Bureau Press Release 113.5.14
Swinging Lanterns Illuminate Jiufen Red - Red Strings of Wishes Come True

[New Taipei City News] The "2024 Jiufen Red Lantern Festival," showcasing the classic brilliance of Jiufen, is about to kick off! The event will take place from May 24th (Friday) to June 23rd (Sunday) on Jiufen Old Street and its surrounding areas. Grand installations of large red lanterns will be set up at various locations including Wufenkeng Park, Jinshan Rock, and Shuzhi Road Park, creating a radiant atmosphere. Two main events, the "Lantern-lit Blessing Night Tour" and the "Night Tour to Chicken Cage Mountain," will be held on May 24th and 31st respectively. Additionally, the event has enlisted the renowned Golden Horse actress, Ms. Chen Shufang, as its spokesperson to shoot promotional videos, immersing everyone in the prosperous glory and rich cultural charm of Jiufen during its gold mining era, exploring the enchanting charm of this ancient mining town together.

The "2024 Jiufen Red Lantern Festival" will feature multiple themed selfie spots, each carrying different meanings. These include "Fortune Rising" at Wufenkeng Park, symbolizing the wish for a flourishing career; "Love Radiating" at Jinshan Rock, representing the vision of fulfilled love; and "Jiufen Neon Night" at Shuzhi Road Park, praying for continuous prosperity. Shuzhi Road and the surrounding areas will also be adorned with radiant lights, with installations and surroundings illuminated from 5:30 PM to 9:00 PM each night during the event, welcoming everyone to Jiufen to admire the beauty of the Golden Mountain City. Apart from taking photos, visitors can also visit the Rueifang Showcase Hall to receive blessing cards and red strings, write down their wishes, and hang them in the red lantern installation area to connect with their wishes. Additionally, there will be a stamp collection area around the installations where visitors can collect stamp cards from the Rueifang Showcase Hall. By collecting five special stamps along the lantern route and returning to the hall with proof of completion, participants can enter a lantern raffle, limited to 10 winners per day until all are drawn.

The "2024 Jiufen Red Lantern Festival" will commence with a lighting ceremony and the main event "Lantern-lit Blessing Night Tour" on May 24th. Participants will embark on a journey from the Shengping Theater along Shuzhi Road to installations at Wufenkeng Park and Jinshan Rock, admiring the radiant sea of red lanterns. On the same day, there will be a free distribution of small lanterns at the front plaza of Shengping Theater, with the first batch distributed at 6:00 PM and the second at 6:30 PM, limited to 100 lanterns per batch. Participants who complete the lantern-lit blessing night tour with the ceremony will receive a voucher for Jiufen Aunt Agni's Taro Balls! Additionally, a special "Night Tour to Chicken Cage Mountain" event will be held on May 31st, offering an opportunity to experience carrying illuminated red lanterns at night to the summit of Chicken Cage Mountain, overlooking the night scenery of Jiufen and capturing the beautiful views of the Golden Mountain City. Furthermore, guided "Lantern-lit Night Tours" led by local guides will be available every Saturday and Sunday evening. One week before each tour, individuals can sign up via ACCUPASS by searching for the keyword "2024 Jiufen Red Lantern Festival." There will be a total of 10 sessions available, with a fee of 250 NT dollars per person. Participants will receive various gifts including small lanterns, blessing cards, and postcards as souvenirs, allowing everyone to travel back in time to the old days and experience the unique charm of Jiufen's winding alleys.

During the event, collaborations with local businesses and guesthouses will offer experiential discounts, such as traditional costume experiences. Visitors can obtain vouchers from the Rueifang Showcase Hall and make reservations with partner stores to rent traditional costumes, enjoying an additional hour of experience time with a single purchase or a maximum discount of 15% for groups of three or more. By uploading photos taken at the event, visitors can also exchange them for limited edition postcards! For accommodation, simply call partner guesthouses and mention the passphrase "I want to participate in the Jiufen Red Lantern Festival" to enjoy a 5% discount off the official website rates (excluding the Dragon Boat Festival holiday from June 8th to June 10th), ensuring satisfaction in both accommodation and entertainment. Additionally, the New Taipei City Government Tourism Bureau reminds everyone that flexible traffic controls will be implemented in the areas of ShueiJinJiu from 4:00 PM to 8:00 PM on the day of the lighting ceremony, May 24th. For more information on the "2024 Jiufen Red Lantern Festival," please visit the relevant links.

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