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Bitan Water Dance Teams Up with U-Theatre to Create an Exclusive Show for New Taipei City

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New Taipei City Government Tourism and Travel Department Press Release, 17th May 2024
Bitan Water Dance Teams Up with U-Theatre to Create an Exclusive Show for New Taipei City

New Taipei City News – The "2024 Bitan Water Dance" extravaganza grandly kicks off today (17th May) and will run non-stop until 31st August, spanning 107 consecutive days. The first wave of the water dance installations will be performed from 6:30 PM to 9:00 PM every evening, with six shows each night. From today until 16th June, on weekends and the Dragon Boat Festival holiday evenings at 7:00 PM, "U-Theatre Youth" will present a mesmerizing performance of "Dance with Water." Starting from 22nd June, a landscape water dance will be introduced, combining water dance with giant water landscape installations, providing a feast for the eyes of visiting tourists.

New Taipei City Mayor Hou You-Yi, who attended the opening ceremony of the Bitan Water Dance today, stated that the Bitan Water Dance has been staged for nine consecutive years on the Xindian River, annually bringing innovative and wonderful experiences to share with the public. This year, the internationally renowned Taiwanese brand team "U-Theatre" has been specially invited to collaborate with the water dance for the first time, presenting a performance that blends human and water dance. "U-Theatre" integrates martial arts and dance performances with the powerful and majestic drum sounds of galloping horses, paired with the dynamic and swaying water dance to create a grand and multi-layered water dance show. The strong spirit symbolizes the resilience of New Taipei City and represents a more exciting and dazzling future for the city. This year, New Taipei City has partnered with Taipei City to jointly launch fireworks, illuminating the Greater Taipei night sky together. The first wave of Bitan fireworks will be launched on three consecutive Wednesday evenings at 8:00 PM on 29th May, 5th June, and 12th June, each lasting 300 seconds, paired with the water dance performance to create a spectacular scene of sky and water intertwined. The second wave of fireworks is scheduled for 14th August and 21st August, where the water dance combined with the giant water landscape installations will form a stunning visual, not to be missed. From May to the end of August, everyone is invited to come to the Greater Taipei area to enjoy romantic and touching moments.

Yang Tsung-Min, Director of the New Taipei City Government Tourism and Travel Department, stated that this year’s Bitan Water Dance season not only features evening water dance performances but also introduces Bitan cultural and historical tours during the daytime. Those interested in local history should not miss these activities. Additionally, there is a Xindian attractions stamp collection activity. By scanning the QR code on the boards with a mobile phone, participants can collect points, and those who accumulate 10 points have the chance to receive limited edition souvenirs and various grand prizes. Everyone is invited to explore the unique attractions and shops of Xindian Bitan, participate in the stamp collection activity, hike Hemei Mountain, walk across the Bitan Suspension Bridge, and ride the Xindian Bike Path. In the evening, visitors can enjoy the beautiful landscape of Bitan’s waterfront and watch the Bitan water dance performance at night. Whether day or night, there is always something exciting to experience. For more event information, please stay tuned to the relevant links.

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