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2024 New Taipei Heads to Malaysia to Promote Northern Taiwan Themed Tours

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New Taipei City Government Tourism and Travel Department Press Release, 17th May 2024
2024 New Taipei Heads to Malaysia to Promote Northern Taiwan Themed Tours

New Taipei City News – The New Taipei City Government Tourism and Travel Department held a Taiwan Travel Fair in Kuala Lumpur today (17th May), featuring an exhibit booth designed with the main visual elements of New Taipei’s distinctive attractions and popular events to showcase the beauty of New Taipei to the local public. In addition to promoting New Taipei’s scenic spots and famous events, the campaign also highlights attractions in "Keelung, New Taipei, Taipei, and Taoyuan" (referred to as "Kei Bei Bei Tao") and rides the wave of excitement for the "2025 Twin Cities World Masters Games," promoting themed tours and green tourism in Northern Taiwan. The booth also features QR codes for visitors to scan and watch promotional videos of the four cities, warmly inviting Malaysian citizens to experience a new travel adventure in Northern Taiwan.

The New Taipei City Government Tourism and Travel Department joined forces with travel agencies and tourism operators to participate in the Taiwan Travel Fair in Malaysia, in response to the Taiwan Tourism Bureau's initiative organized by the Taiwan Visitors Association. Director Yang Tsung-Min stated that the department will also participate in several domestic and international promotional events and travel fairs this year. Besides Malaysia, they will also venture to South Korea and Thailand, aiming to lead tourism operators to achieve outstanding post-pandemic tourism results. They welcome any interested parties to join their domestic and international promotions or matchmaking events.

In Malaysia, the New Taipei City Government Tourism and Travel Department has partnered with Lion Travel to launch a variety of customized travel packages and discounts, promoting New Taipei’s popular attractions, annual major events, and themed tours of "Kei Bei Bei Tao" to Malaysian citizens, media, and local travel operators. Additionally, the department offers several customized Muslim travel packages and discounts, providing information on promotional channels, discounts, and prices at the travel fair, hoping to attract local citizens to visit New Taipei through attractive travel and accommodation offers. In enhancing overall tourism visibility, they also welcome people to join internationally renowned events such as the Jiufen Red Lantern Festival, New Taipei City River and Ocean Music Festival, and New Taipei City Christmasland. Local citizens have shown great interest in New Taipei tourism, eagerly inquiring about attractions and collecting brochures and promotional materials at the booth.

Following the conclusion of the Taiwan Travel Fair on the 19th, there will be two tourism promotion events on the 20th and 21st in Kuala Lumpur and Johor, respectively. These events will invite local travel associations, tourism operators, and media from Malaysia, providing a platform for exchanges between Taiwanese and Malaysian tourism operators, facilitating tourism cooperation between the two countries. For more information, please stay tuned to the relevant links.

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