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Water Dance and Aerial Dance Illuminate Bitan: Twin Cities Fireworks Light Up the Night Sky

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New Taipei City Government Tourism and Travel Department Press Release 113.05.20
Water Dance and Aerial Dance Illuminate Bitan: Twin Cities Fireworks Light Up the Night Sky

[New Taipei City News]*The 2024 Bitan Water Dance Season opened grandly last Friday, featuring a spectacular performance by U-Theatre and U-Theatre Youth Troupe, showcasing a stunning water and dance symphony that received rave reviews. This year, the Bitan Water Dance will offer a richer visual feast with fireworks displays scheduled for 8:00 PM on Wednesdays, May 29, June 5, June 12, August 14, and August 21. The beautiful fireworks will light up the Bitan night sky, accompanied by dynamic water dance performances, creating a unique aerial and water dance show. Against the backdrop of Bitan's riverside and illuminated suspension bridge, the public is invited to come to Bitan Plaza to enjoy the romantic and moving spectacle up close.

Director Yang Zongmin of the New Taipei City Government Tourism and Travel Department stated that this year, in collaboration with Taipei City, a series of stunning fireworks shows will be presented, adding a splash of brilliant color to the twin cities' night sky. The vibrant fireworks will illuminate Bitan in New Taipei City's Xindian, and then dazzle at Taipei City's Dadaocheng on July 17, July 24, July 31, and August 10, adding a brilliant touch to the city's nightscape. On August 14 and August 21, the fireworks will return to Bitan in Xindian, New Taipei City, continuing to light up the twin cities' night sky with enchanting brilliance. This year, the Bitan fireworks will feature dynamic fan-shaped displays, accompanied by various floral patterns such as green dahlias, flashing chrysanthemums, and color-changing bouquets, along with dazzling water dance movements. This combination showcases different levels and heights of "aerial dance" and "water dance," delivering the best visual effects and providing the public with a visual and auditory feast! Moreover, the Bitan fireworks are developed by a professional team and renowned domestic fireworks manufacturers, using international-grade fireworks specifications and adhering to safety standards. Each step is meticulously designed and coordinated, ensuring every second of brilliance is crafted by professional pyrotechnicians who follow the highest safety guidelines, guaranteeing the smooth execution of the fireworks display.

The New Taipei City Government Tourism and Travel Department urges the public to take advantage of the convenient transportation, as Xindian Bitan is located next to the Xindian Station on the MRT Green Line, just a short walk from the Bitan Park. The use of public transportation is encouraged to reduce traffic congestion. Additionally, considering safety during the fireworks display, Bitan Suspension Bridge will be under traffic control from 7:55 PM to 8:05 PM, five minutes before the fireworks show and during the display, to avoid overcrowding and ensure safety. The public is advised to avoid crossing Bitan Suspension Bridge during this time. For more tourism information about New Taipei City, please check the relevant links!

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