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Brilliant Lanterns Illuminate Jiufen: Lantern Night Tour Lights Up the Mountain Town

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New Taipei City Government Tourism and Travel Department Press Release, 2024/05/24
Brilliant Lanterns Illuminate Jiufen: Lantern Night Tour Lights Up the Mountain Town

[New Taipei City News]The "2024 Jiufen Red Lantern Festival" officially kicks off today (24th). The lighting ceremony was held at the Shengping Theater in Jiufen, attended by New Taipei City Mayor Hou You-yi, Golden Horse Award-winning actress Chen Shu-fang, and several distinguished guests. This event marks the beginning of the first main activity, the "Lantern Night Tour and Blessing Journey." Participants carried small Jiufen lanterns and strolled through the mountain town, creating a lively and unprecedented spectacle. Next Friday (31st), the second main activity, the "Night Tour of Keelung Mountain," will take place. This event will guide participants carrying elegant and brilliant red lanterns to overlook the stunning night scenery of Jiufen. Everyone is invited to join in the festivities!

Today (24th), the lighting ceremony for the "2024 Jiufen Red Lantern Festival" was held amidst a lively atmosphere. Mayor Hou You-yi highlighted that the ceremony was held in the newly renovated Shengping Theater, which has been a cultural landmark in Jiufen for a century and an important historical site in Shui-Jin-Jiu. The New Taipei City Government is committed to promoting tourism in Jiufen. This year's "2024 Jiufen Red Lantern Festival" has partnered with local inns and businesses to offer various discounts and promotions, actively enhancing local tourism development. This year, Golden Horse Award-winning actress Chen Shu-fang has been invited to be the event spokesperson. She filmed a promotional video and expressed her honor in returning to Jiufen, where she has many fond childhood memories.

Following the lighting ceremony, the first of the two main activities, the "Lantern Night Tour and Blessing Journey," commenced. Mayor Hou You-yi and 300 participants set off from Shengping Theater, carrying small Jiufen lanterns along Qingbian Road, enjoying the dazzling light display. The bustling scene made Jiufen's night vibrant. Mayor Hou You-yi also visited the "Fortune Rising" installation at Wufankeng Park to write and hang a blessing card, wishing for peace and happiness. Participants continued their lantern walk to Jinshanyan's "Love Shining" and Shuqi Road Park's "Jiufen Night Neon," leisurely strolling through the steps adorned with rows of brilliant red lanterns, experiencing Jiufen's unique night scenery. The "Lantern Night Tour" will also be available on Saturdays and Sundays starting tomorrow (25th), led by local guides exploring Jiufen's gold mining culture and historical sites. Participants completing the tour can enter a raffle for exclusive souvenir gift boxes!

The "2024 Jiufen Red Lantern Festival" offers continuous exciting activities. Next Friday (31st), the second main activity, the "Night Tour of Keelung Mountain," will guide participants along winding stone steps, overlooking the mountain town of Jiufen, and finally reaching the top of Keelung Mountain to view the golden mountain town's nightscape. Interested individuals can search for "Night Tour of Keelung Mountain" on the ACCUPASS platform to register. For more information on the "2024 Jiufen Red Lantern Festival," please check the related links.

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