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Spectacular Fireworks Light Up Bitan: A 300-Second Extravaganza of Water and Aerial Dance

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Press Release by New Taipei City Government Tourism Bureau on May 30, 2024
Spectacular Fireworks Light Up Bitan: A 300-Second Extravaganza of Water and Aerial Dance

[New Taipei City News] The 300-second Bitan fireworks display was successfully held yesterday (29th), illuminating the night sky over Bitan with vibrant fireworks. Accompanied by dazzling water dance performances, the event showcased the unique combination of aerial and water dances that highlighted the beauty of Bitan. The spectacle attracted over ten thousand people to Bitan Plaza. The Bitan fireworks will light up the night sky again on June 5th, June 12th, August 14th, and August 21st, inviting the public to share in the romance and excitement of the fireworks display and experience another peak in the Bitan water dance performance.

As the majestic and lively tune "Sky of Light" played, nearly 80 meters wide of mid-to-low altitude fireworks rose gradually, blooming in a splendid fan shape at an altitude of 25 to 30 meters. Various firework bouquets such as three-tier bouquets, green waterfall with blue bouquets, and colorful peonies with colorful bouquets created a vibrant and multi-layered scene. The dynamic water dance and colorful stage lights blended together, presenting a unique performance through the "aerial dance" and "water dance" at different levels and heights. Finally, the night sky was adorned with blooming brocade crown fireworks, showcasing a unique meteor waterfall effect and creating a dynamic and magnificent picture. Each of the 1,500 fireworks launched left the audience in awe, bringing immense emotion. New Taipei City Government Tourism Bureau Director Yang Zong-Min noted that the fireworks will light up Bitan again on June 5th and June 12th. Moreover, on July 17th, July 24th, July 31st, and August 10th, the fireworks will shine in Taipei City's Dadaocheng, adding brilliance to the nights of both cities. On August 14th and August 21st, the fireworks will ignite the sky over Bitan in Xindian, New Taipei City once more, urging the public to seize the exciting moments and come to Bitan with their families to enjoy the display.

The Bitan water dance will feature a new set of performances starting June 1st, with the themes "Voices of the People" and "Harmony with Nature." "Voices of the People" will focus on choral and orchestral music, creating a grand and harmonious atmosphere with rhythms that change with the faces and voices of the people. "Harmony with Nature" will focus on electronic and jazz music, creating a modern and colorful ambiance, with rhythms changing with the seasons of Bitan, showcasing the unique landscape of Bitan that spans over a hundred years. While visiting Bitan to watch the water dance, don't miss the Bitan Suspension Bridge, an important landmark connecting the scenic Bitan Lake and urban life. This historic bridge transforms at night, with light sculptures on the sides creating strong and vibrant light changes. The continuous rainbow colors make the entire bridge appear like a rainbow across the night sky, adding to the endless romantic charm of Bitan. For more New Taipei City tourism information, please check the related links!

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