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Exciting Dragon Boat Festival Holiday in New Taipei City: Packed with Events and Bike Tours

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New Taipei City Government Tourism and Travel Department Press Release 2024.06.06
Exciting Dragon Boat Festival Holiday in New Taipei City: Packed with Events and Bike Tours

[New Taipei City News] The Dragon Boat Festival holiday is approaching, and whether it’s the grand "2024 Bitan Water Dance Season," the enchanting "Blossoming Riverside: Spring Art Tour," or the star-studded "Fulong Sand Sculpture Art Season," these are all excellent choices for your holiday outings. The New Taipei City Government Tourism and Travel Department has meticulously planned a series of diverse and enriching activities and tours, inviting the public to explore New Taipei by bike, enjoy the breeze, and experience the beauty of New Taipei.

Riding a bike along the Xindian River bike path, you can listen to the whispers of the breeze and enjoy the welcoming dance of the swaying grass. In the evening, Bitan becomes a vibrant entertainment spot in the city. From May 17 to June 16, the first wave of performances at the "2024 Bitan Water Dance Season" will take place. This event, featuring a performance by "U-Theatre Youth," combines dynamic and static elements in a visual feast that integrates human movement with water. Exciting performances will continue every weekend and during the Dragon Boat Festival holiday, warmly inviting the public to enjoy this limited-time audiovisual extravaganza. In addition to the water dance, history enthusiasts should not miss the "Bitan Historical and Cultural Tours" organized by the New Taipei City Historical and Cultural Society during the event. These tours will take you back to historical sites to explore the rich history of Xindian. After visiting the historical sites, head to Xindian Old Street to savor the fragrant traditional sticky rice, rice noodle soup, and experience the local hospitality.

Following the Sanchong Riverside bike path will lead you to New Taipei Metropolitan Park. Fans of "Alice in Wonderland" are in for a treat! The "Blossoming Riverside: Spring Art Tour" is on display at New Taipei Metropolitan Park until June 10. The exhibition, featuring bold yet intricate designs by illustrator Hsinping Pan and weaving artist Hsiao-Hsien Yang, brings fairy tale scenes to life on the vibrant green grounds. The colorful and passionate artistic flowers will make you want to explore the "Fantasy Art Garden" and stand under the "Dream Weaving Flower Umbrella." Additionally, there is a 6-meter-tall Happy Bear on the park’s lawn, ready for picnics and photos with visitors. At night, the park transforms with a light show, creating a dreamy midsummer island. Don't forget to enjoy local delicacies at the nearby Sanhe Night Market, offering treats like A-Wen's Wonton Soup, Oysters, and Zhuji Squid Soup, ending your city tour perfectly.

The circular bike path in the northeast corner of Jiuqizi is an ideal place to sweat it out and experience the stunning mountain and sea views. As Taiwan's easternmost point, the Sandiaojiao Lighthouse, known as "Taiwan’s Eye," is a popular spot for biking enthusiasts. Invite your loved ones to gaze at the Pacific Ocean from the lighthouse. This year’s Fulong Sand Sculpture Art Season is a star-studded event at Fulong Beach, running until October 31. It features popular IP characters like LINE FRIENDS, BT21, and JOGUMAN. The main sculpture, an 8-meter-high "LINE FRIENDS Summer Star Party," showcases Brown, Cony, and Sally lying on the sand sculptures in a playful and cute manner, making it the perfect spot for photos. At night, LED sand sculpture light shows provide a stunning visual experience, making the sculptures even more fantastical and interesting! Don't miss the local flavors at Fulong Station, including the famous Fulong Bento, squid rice noodles, and summer ice shops, to fully enjoy the unique culinary delights of Taiwan’s northeast coast.

Enjoy your rice dumplings, and go biking anytime during the Dragon Boat Festival. While enjoying rice dumplings at home, don’t forget to get active with family and friends, ride bikes, and tour New Taipei. Whether it’s urban sightseeing, exploring magical art exhibitions, or experiencing themed sand sculptures, you’ll fully appreciate the endless charm of New Taipei. For more information on events, please visit the related links.

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