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Creating the Environment for the Smiling Mountain Line Grand Traverse: Connecting the Scenic Beauty of Mountains and Towns

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Press Release from the Tourism and Travel Department of New Taipei City GovernmentJune 18, 2024
Creating the Environment for the Smiling Mountain Line Grand Traverse: Connecting the Scenic Beauty of Mountains and Towns

[New Taipei City News] Following the launch of the Smiling Mountain Line brand, the New Taipei City Government has continued to survey over 200 kilometers of mountain trails, inventory resources, and carry out trail optimization and maintenance. For the first time, through the Smiling Mountain Line Grand Traverse Environment Creation Project, the city's mountain areas in Shulin, Yingge, Sanxia, Tucheng, Zhonghe, Xindian, Shenkeng, Shiding, and Pingxi are being connected. The 108-kilometer Smiling Mountain Line Grand Traverse route links the Dazhong Mountain Range, Yanshan Mountain Range, Tianshang Mountain Range, Erge Mountain Range, and Wufen Mountain Group, creating pathways that connect different administrative regions and mountain environments. This project aims to create a traverse route combining small-town tourism, natural ecology, and mountain tourism along the southern edge of New Taipei City.

To ensure the full accessibility of the Smiling Mountain Line Grand Traverse route, the Tourism and Travel Department of New Taipei City Government has, for the first time, undertaken a comprehensive inspection and segmented repair approach for trail construction. Beginning in November 2023, the department has been repairing and creating the mountain traverse routes, conducting thorough investigations and repairs to provide a comfortable and accessible mountain trail environment. The project includes updating wooden steps, installing new stone steps, laying gravel and wood chip surfaces, and setting up transparent railings. These efforts aim to enhance the overall environment of the traverse route, which was completed on May 28, 2024. The continuous optimization offers a natural and comfortable trail for public enjoyment.

This project applied for a central government subsidy of 8 million NTD, combined with 13 million NTD from the city government, totaling a budget of 21 million NTD. The Smiling Mountain Line Traverse project adheres to the design principles of "Respect for Nature," "Subtractive Design," "Aesthetic Design," and "Sustainable Development." The project involves a comprehensive review and preparation of the Smiling Mountain Line Grand Traverse route, enhancing connectivity and accessibility. During the design phase, local environmental and climatic characteristics were considered, utilizing local materials to maintain the natural appearance of the trails and achieve a construction goal of coexisting with the environment.

The project focuses on improving existing facilities and optimizing the trail environment. In the Dazhong Mountain Trail in Shulin, considering the natural and primitive environment, existing artificial materials like plastic wood were removed and replaced with stone-paved steps to reduce artificial elements and increase natural integration. This approach fosters a trail that respects nature and promotes sustainable development.

The Smiling Mountain Line in New Taipei City is conveniently accessible by public transportation, taking only about half an hour to reach the trailheads. This convenience allows the public to easily transition from urban areas to the mountains and experience the unique mountain life aesthetics of New Taipei City. For more information on related activities, please visit the relevant links.

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