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Summer Festivities in New Taipei: The Ultimate Destination for Fun, Food, and Entertainment

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Summer Festivities in New Taipei: The Ultimate Destination for Fun, Food, and Entertainment

New Taipei City News - The New Taipei City Government held a press conference today (24th) to announce the "Summer Fun by Rivers and Sea, New Taipei GO Travel" campaign, unveiling the top 20 summer events in New Taipei City, brought together by 16 government departments. These exciting and diverse activities will take place from June to October across New Taipei City, inviting everyone to join in the summer festivities and enjoy the vibrant rivers and seas!

Mayor Hou You-Yi of New Taipei City stated that New Taipei boasts magnificent and expansive coastal views as well as majestic and vast mountain landscapes. It is also a culturally rich and diverse area. Leveraging these tourism advantages, the New Taipei City Government has actively introduced a variety of fun and engaging activities, making New Taipei the top choice for food, fun, and entertainment! The summer series includes the thrilling independent music festival "2024 New Taipei River and Sea Music Festival"; in-depth mountain trail explorations with "FOOTLAND 2024 GOLD RUSH Trail Run" and "2024 Bokdo Wulai Marathon"; the dazzling fireworks shows "2024 Bitan Water Dance Festival" and "2024 Tamsui Fisherman’s Wharf Midsummer Festival"; landscape art and light and fire performances in "Beihai Night Glow 2024 Beihai Tide and Fire"; family-friendly "2024 New Taipei Children's Arts Festival"; "2024 Bali Family Arts Festival - Bali Chill with Gender Equality Arts!"; and "2024 Banqiao Summer Carnival." 

The events also include cultural and mining heritage experiences such as "2024 Mining Art Festival" and "2024 Golden Mountain Town Series - Golden Adventures and Lantern Banquet"; local agricultural product promotions with "2024 Sanxia Summer Festival" and "2024 New Taipei Good Tea_Summer Edition"; sustainability-themed "2024 Sanxia Indigo Dyeing Festival"; Hakka culture celebration "113th New Taipei Hakka Yimin Cultural Festival"; international art exhibitions like "2024 Bali City Sand Sculpture Exhibition," "2024 Fulong International Sand Sculpture Art Festival," and "2024 New Taipei North Coast International Kite Festival"; and enjoying the scenic beauty of the northeast coast with "2024 Fulong Life Festival" and "2024 Fulong Beach Cinema," allowing everyone to enjoy from June to October!

The "2024 New Taipei River and Sea Music Festival" will feature two iconic independent music stages: the "Gongliao International Ocean Music Festival" and the "Tamsui Fisherman’s Wharf Riverside Music Festival." These stages provide bands and musicians with a platform to showcase their musical talents and perform captivating shows. Today (24th), several exciting artist lineups were announced, with performances scheduled to kick off on July 19th (Friday) for three consecutive weekends. Additionally, the top ten finalists for the "Gongliao International Ocean Music Festival - Independent Ocean Music Awards" have been revealed after three days of intense competition. The finalists are (in random order): "Feed the Pig," "Amphibious," "Chaos Intersection," "Wandering Age Club," "Slowing Oscillation," "Time Not With Us," "Crazy Duke," "Kingdom of Rain," "SADOG," and "DrunkMonk."

The press conference also gathered travel and accommodation businesses, tourist factories, and local specialty gift vendors from across New Taipei City to showcase great summer travel and accommodation deals and unique local gifts. This ensures that visitors to New Taipei will have a fulfilling experience with food, fun, and convenience! For more information on the "2024 New Taipei River and Sea Music Festival" events, please check the relevant links.

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