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“Walk into Tamsui Kavalan’s Wonderful Gourmet Time.” Masters are among us - hidden gourmet food and gorgeous views along historic trails unveiled.

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“Walk into Tamsui Kavalan’s Wonderful Gourmet Time.” Masters are among us - hidden gourmet food and gorgeous views along historic trails unveiled.
Tourism and Travel Department, New Taipei City Government has for the first time launched Tamsui Kavalan Trails summer event series. Based on the theme of “Walk into Tamsui Kavalan’s Wonderful Gourmet Time”, the Department is introducing 3 family-friendly “travel on foot” itineraries with destinations that include Jimuling, Shuangxi, and Gongliao Settlement, which will follow local specialty cuisine and farming experts to experience secret versions of commoners’ ingredients, gourmet food, and landscape.

Today’s (July 11th) press conference has made the innovative move and brought all the natural flavors of Tamsui Kavalan Trails to the venue. Besides all the fresh produce coming from the local small farmers in Tamsui Kavalan settlements, Ms. Wu Yueh-yuan, a mom who was born and raised in Shuangxi and is a great chef, was also invited to bring everyone the most authentic Tamsui Kavalan specialty dishes made with local ingredients. Moreover, Mr. Hsiao Hsueh-yuan, who has been devoted in recultivating terrace paddy fields in his hometown of Jimuling, was also invited to make finger food “sweet potato pastry” using an old-time brush pot tree grinding plate. Attendance of the special guests has allowed everyone to taste the amazing “gourmet times”.

The 3 “travel on foot” itinerary routes for the event have been categorized into Terrace Paddy Field Gourmet Time (Jimuling), Specialty Dish – Tamsui Kavalan Food Journey (Shuangxi), and Romantic Times Along Historic Trails (Gongliao); the 3 routes are distinctive on their own. Through guided walking tours and experiencing handmade food and agriculture snacks, people will have better understanding of the rich local humanistic and cultural characteristics in the settlements along Tamsui Kavalan mountain trails. At each day trip learning tour, there is also a very interesting DIY activity arranged, and that is screen printing of the totem of Tamsui Kavalan Trails’ symbolizing plant – coupled dipteris; so that everyone can take home and forever treasure their wonderful memories of Tamsui Kavalan Trails. In addition, there will be two showings of “Tamsui Kavalan Time Theater” at Fuzhong 15 in Banqiao, one on July 20th and the other on August 17th; we are inviting everyone to come watch two internationally renowned movies on hiking – A Walk in the Woods and Wild. We will also be showing at the same time the film played at the World Trails Conference World Trails Film Festival – Tamsui Kavalan Trails, which will be for the first time be publicly played on big screen. We are hoping these films will altogether help to promote the long-distance trail hiking trips that have gone viral around the world!

The series of events will be officially online on July 4th, and everyone can register for the events via ACCUPASS network platform. The event period will span over the weekends from July 14th through August 30th; available openings at each event are limited, and registration will be closed once spaces are filled. More related information will be available at New Taipei City Tour Facebook fan page – people who are interested are encouraged to keep a close eye on all the available information and register as soon as possible before the chance passes you by!! People can also join the “New Taipei City Traveler_Tamsui Kavalan Good Food Great Fun” Group at New Taipei City Tour Facebook fan page so to receive first-hand information on local ingredients and gourmet food in the neighborhood of Tamsui Kavalan Trails.

For more related information, please join the New Taipei City Tour or the Tamsui Kavalan Trails Facebook fan page for more details.
New Taipei City Tour Facebook fan page: http://www.facebook.com/ntctour
Tamsui Kavalan Trails Facebook fan page:  https://www.facebook.com/walkTKT/


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